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FASHION Graphic designer

Company Features:
1. Excellent working environment
2. Health care benefits, free parking
3. Opportunity for advancement

Main Duties:
1. Graphic artwork for girls 7-16, both generic and licensed products.
2 .Prepare tech pack for sample development (actual size artworks, flat sketches, fabric, colors), technical sketches.
3. Trend research from internet, magazine & stores.
4. Work closely with Designer to develop seasonal collections.

1. Must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience as a graphic artist for girls 7-16, private label and licensed graphics.
2. Must be strong on photoshop and illustrator, able to work in a fast paced environment under strict deadlines.
3. Must have a flair for fashion, able to spot trends and translate them for specific customer base.
4. Experience in character licensing (ie. Disney).

Contact: Jeff Goldstein -


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