Production & Sourcing Manager (Fashion Accessories)

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Company Features:
1. Excellent working environment
2. Opportunity for advancement
3. Health care benefits

Main Duties:
1. Ensure production calendar timelines are met and delivery schedules are adhered too.
2. Work closely with import and product coordinators, trouble shoot and give direction.
3. Ensure suppliers meet all requirements on quality and compliance standards.
4. Ensure suppliers capacity and capability to produce merchandise for required delivery date.
5. Analyze cost breakdowns, negotiate final price
6. Source new fabrics and negotiate costs, review Teck packs to ensure that they are accurate, daily communication with overseas suppliers to keep track of overall production timelines.

1. 5-7 years import/production experience. china sourcing
2. Extensive understanding of production cycle, of fabric and impact on design.
3. Strong communication skills, attention to detail, time management skills, strong business acumen.


Jeff Goldstein


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