Fit Spec Technician with Graphic Skills (Sports Fashion) (Ville St Laurent)

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Company Features:
1. Fantastic working environment
2. Health care benefits
3. Opportunity for advancement

Main Duties:
1. Prepare new clothing technical spec packages to be sent to overseas makers.
2. Measure and take note of samples received from makers, request counter sample(s) until final approvals.
3. Analyze the fit of the samples on live models and mannequins.
4. Receive and respond to daily e-mails from suppliers.
5. Work closely with sales, pattern making and design departments to ensure delivery dates are being respected.
6. Update files for each style in work, notify manager of any problems regarding fits, quality control, trims and labeling.
7. Designs of artwork for a sports division
8. Responsible for production work including updating pre-existing design files, prepping artwork to go to print (i.e. silk-screening art separation), and other related tasks;

1. Minimum 3-5 years of experience as a fit spec technician for an importer catering to both mass market retailers as well as branded sportswear retail chains and boutiques.
2. Strong knowledge of pattern making. Experience dealing with overseas factories to follow up on sampling and production.
3. Organized, attention to detail, strong computer skills, strong communication skills.
4. Must be flexible to work overtime on occasion.
5. Ability to work within a team;
6. Enjoys and thrives within a fast paced environment

  • Lieu : Ville St Laurent

Jeff Goldstein


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