Senior Boyswear Division Manager (Montreal)

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Company Features:

1. Excellent working environment
2. Health care benefits, free parking
3. Opportunity for advancement

Main Duties:
1. Manage art creation, design and merchandising for a boyswear brand catering to major mass market retailers (Walmart, Sears, Aubainerie, Giant Tiger, Sears USA, JC Penny, Target).
2. Manage a team of graphic artists and technical designers, delegate daily workload and monitor productivity, oversee teck pack creation, fit sessions, quality control and production. Overall trend direction.
3. Service existing customer base and open up new accounts, prepare sales presentations, price quotations, delivery date confirmations. After sale customer service, trouble shoot and grow business. Participate in trade shows and vendor markets.
4.Work closely with the merchandisers to understand trend direction, travel throughout Canada, the USA and Europe for creative inspiration.

1. Minimum 5 years experience managing a team of designers, technical and graphic designers in a private label and licensed apparel company.
2. Strong Illustrator and Photoshop capabilities.
3. Ability to work directly with buyers, participate in major sales presentations, negotiate prices, multi task.
4. Ability to work under strict deadlines.

Please note, this is not a 9-5 job!!

Jeff Goldstein


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