Textile Lab Technician

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Company Features:

1. Excellent working environment
2. Health care benefits
3. Opportunity for advancement

Main Duties:

1.Textile and Dyeing
2.Test Methods and Canadian Regulatory Standards
3. Safety Standards
4. Quality Assurance
5. Garment Construction
6. Report Writing/written communication skills
7. Ability to contribute to the team in a positive manner by managing in-house
8. Organizational skills and ability to maintain priorities
9. Ability to Multi-task
10. Attention to details


1. Experience with raw materials
2. Must have strong English and French writing skills
3. Strong Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
4. Bachelor's degree in Engineering, (textile Engineering, textile technology, or textile chemistry preferred).
5. 3+ years of work experience in Textile Testing Lab, Manufacturing, or equivalent experience
6. Good technical and analytical skills required.
7. Worked in a Knitting mill

Contact: Jeff Goldstein - jgoldstein@proforce.ca


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