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Priya Chopra's marketing management experience with multi-million dollar brands across Canada, coupled with her securing a Masters in Fashion Management in Milan, set the stage 6 years ago for a fresh, entrepreneurial voyage in the PR arena within the heart of Canada's fashion capital, Montreal. The lovely and engaging Priya of 1Milk2Sugars answers some of our questions and talks about Fashion, PR and how the marriage of the two drive her passion...

Priya Chopra - 1milk2sugarsYour team did a great job at this past MFW18 on Coccolily and Micalla shows. The way it was organized was fun and easy to enjoy. It was great meeting you and knowing what you do. How did you get involved with servicing clients in the Montreal fashion industry’?

I have a background in Fashion Management, having specialized in this domain while living in Milan, Italy. Upon my return to Montreal 6 years ago, I started 1milk2sugars PR and decided to use this experience in servicing clients in the fashion, beauty, and deco domain. Essentially, 1milk2sugars PR services the dynamic Life Style sector as it is often called.

1milk2sugars...interesting name! How did the name come about and how did your team come together?

I cannot take credit for the name, it was my partner’s idea! We were 3 partners, so we decided that the male partner would be the ‘milk’ and the 2 ladies, would be the ‘sugars’. The rest is history!

As a public relations firm what do you offer the fashion industry client that is unique to your company?

1milk2sugars PR has been in business for 6 years now, and still services some of the very first clients that we ever signed, right up till today. This loyal following from our clients is an indication that we are doing something right. We are very results driven; our clients will get proven results by working with us, and therefore continue to work with us. We have an excellent database of the best contacts around the country, these are not just names on paper but journalists we have a very sound relationship with. Lastly, we offer excellent and competitive pricing that larger firms cannot beat.

Press Placement by 1milk2sugars

Press Placement by 1milk2sugars

For readers who may not be aware of what a PR company does for their clients, can you briefly explain what the main functions of a PR firm are with respect to the fashion domain?

We are the intermediary between our client and the press. A client will come to us when they are looking to increase their visibility and enhance their image. We work with the media to promote our clients in a positive way; we create timely and relevant stories and pitch them to the nation’s top press. Through our ongoing collaborations with the media, we are able to secure prime placement for our clients in terms of editorials, newspaper articles or TV features.

How have you incorporated social networking and media into your PR strategy?

We know that today's budding blogger could be tomorrows’ top fashion journalist. Social media is a very powerful communication tool. We have a very extensive contact base of bloggers with whom we are in touch with on a daily basis, and they attend all our media events. We have implemented certain projects that are specifically catered towards bloggers in collaboration with our clients. We also use Twitter and live feeds to promote a lot of our events, and count on twitter posts to create excitement and buzz surrounding our clients.

Blog placement by 1milk2sugars

What are the other industries in your portfolio?

Any business within the lifestyle sector, primarily fashion, beauty, home design and décor, but also wellness, spas, hotels etc..

Within the fashion industry, who would be your ideal client?

I would love to work more with European fashion brands that have a strong presence in Canada, in particular Italian fashion brands. I won’t name specifics, there are too many to choose from!

What are the best parts of your job?

It is truly an adventure to start up your own business. It is probably the most challenging thing I have ever done, but by far, the most rewarding. I love that we have chosen to specialize in a very dynamic and coveted domain such as fashion, which is very glamorous. We also love to have our ideas materialize into collaborations with the press, and to see our clients promoted on mass channels that reach hundreds of thousands of people, partially due to our work. We also meet a ton of new people every day, many right here in our wonderful city of Montreal, which makes life and work very interesting.

1milk2sugars Micalla Photoshoot

Thanks for your time. Now to put you on the spot, what do you think about

Lol…your entire team is very professional and delightful…it was a pleasure to meet you in person at Montreal Fashion Week and thanks for providing relevant content and resources for the Montreal fashion community!

1milk2sugars Coccolily Photoshoot

To get in touch with 1Milk2Sugars:

1117 Ste. Catherine St. W., #715, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1H9

Tel: 514.807.9578

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