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For most regular gals holding a day job, going out and buying the latest Chanel tweed suit may not be on the agenda for the week. Yet, the appetite for labels lingers and at some point, it will give in and force you (well, me) to shell out hundreds of dollars on a single – but oh-so-dashing – pair of Louboutins.

Because I can honestly and shamelessly admit to being a true shopaholic, especially when it comes to the season’s most useless items, I can also give sound advice on what to buy to get the look without having creditors tear down your front door.

Mix High and Low

The trick to a cool and affordable urban look is in the tamed, effortless way you mix and match your clothes. While a fabulous McQueen camouflage skull rose boot (I am dying to get one of those!) can liven up any old pair of basic denim, the opposite is just as true – although not as fun. But a neat JBrand Imperial jeggings and Lanvin Sleeveless Pompom top can do wonders for an old pair of clogs or a ratty old bag.

And it won’t break the bank.


We cannot stress this enough. Of course, if you’re wearing the world of fashion on your back at all times – such as pairing a K Lagerfeld t-shirt, a Balmain jacket and Frankie B. leather jeans – play it down a notch; but otherwise, don’t be afraid of bold accessories.

Scarves and twillys are an all-time safe bet and you can often find great discounts online. LXR in Montreal almost always carries a good selection of Hermes scarves at incredibly reasonable prices. Also, I’m not sure I should reveal this secret but celebrityowned on eBay showcases the best and cheapest pre-loved designer duds you can find.

If you’re not the scarf-type (hey, it happens to the best of us), you can find other accessories to complement your style. has a cool selection of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and even a few items to dress up your dog in your image!

Of course, bags remain the it accessory so feel free to splurge when it comes to finding the one bag that can suit your daily needs. Any hot commodity will spruce up your flea market outfit in a flash so if you can’t afford a new wardrobe with every passing trend (who can anyway?), try investing it all in a Ralph Lauren Docteur bag, a Balenciaga motorcycle bag or a Chanel 2.55 – although I wouldn’t recommend the latter as I don’t find it mixes well with my every mood, but that’s just me. Of course, a Bottega Veneta of any kind is always a sight for sore eyes.

Original high end designer accessories at the LXR Luxury store in Montreal

My latest trip to Paris has taught me that, too many people settle for fakes and replicas, and I just don’t understand why. The thrill of owning a designer label should be in the quality of the piece, in feeling the art and creativity that went into making it, in owning a piece of a master designer’s work, and in supporting the industry. So please whatever you choose as your fetish accessory, forego the atrocious LV replica (they’re so easy to spot anyway) and either invest in the real thing (again, LXR has some pretty good deals if you don’t want to spend too much) or opt for a reasonably-priced local artisan’s bag. It’s unique, fresh and so ethical. You can get one for $50-75 and you’d making a bolder statement than if you were carrying a Birkin, I kid you not.

It’s all in the attitude

No matter who or what you’re wearing, you need to own up to who you are. Don’t play games and don’t be fake. There’s a style for everyone and coming into your own is the best part of discovering your style.

A little like the makeup theory I learnt in beauty school; you can be someone else for an evening if you wish, but when people see your makeup – or in this case labels – more than they see you, you’ve gone about it the wrong way.

Fashion is supposed to express your mood, not dictate it. Remember that when you’re shopping and it should save you a heap of money.

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