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As she signs off another article, her portfolio tells the tale of a woman who lives and breathes cosmopolitan flair. Born in a small suburban town, Melanie moved to the city straight out of high school. At the age of 15, she was already working her journalistic skills trying to get obscure, unsigned artists promoted onto the Montreal scene. While her interest lied more within the music industry at that time, she quickly learnt that fashion was an integral part of everything.

Melanie pursued graduate and post-graduate studies in hope of finding the tools she would need to become a successful writer and relentless magazine editor, and maybe some day take over the dragon lady’s throne.

Melanie Clark

Today, with more than a decade of experience under her belt, she joins forces with the MontrealFashionBizvie team as lifestyle writer. Her mission: to revive what once was the bustling style capital of Canada by promoting the novelty of its local artists.

Having been hidden inside the corporate communications world for several years, both as ghost writer for established corporations and as executive editor and translator at her own Montreal-based firm, MCommunications, Melanie knows how to capitalize on her marketing and entrepreneurial experience to give events and artists the attention they deserve.

She is as passionate about style as she is writing about it, a combo that is sure to benefit our local talent.

Follow her here or on Twitter @Melaniecity for her take on the latest trends, from fashion to television, movies to celebrities, happenings to luxury living, all with a perfectly fashionable twist.

Melanie can also be read at, where she discusses a broader range of lifestyle topics. You may even stumble upon her writing across various websites, including and, for which she is a contributing writer.

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