Designers, trendsetters, bloggers and apéritifs, oh my!

As host of the Montreal lifestyle section, I would lose any credibility if I passed up the opportunity to invite you to join me this weekend for Design Montréal Open House. For those unfamiliar with DMOH, this is your chance to attend 100 free design-related activities, all over the city. The purpose of this shindig is to get Montrealers to [re]discover local designs and designers, to show support to the industry, and to justify Montreal’s status as a UNESCO City of Design.

We bloggers, columnists and twittering fashion lovers all have the unfortunate tendency to look toward Paris, Milan, London or NYC for fashion news and updates. Yet, as Montrealers, we have access to nationally and internationally recognized designers too often unknown (or little known) to the public. Let’s stand up for our artists and come together in this fun- and fashion-filed weekend.

This year, participants include Marie Saint-Pierre, Yves Jean Lacasse, Denis Gagnon, Véronique Miljkovitch, Dinh Ba design, Helmer, Harricana, Mylène B., Philippe Dubuc, Cluc Couture, and Katrin Leblond, to only name a few.

Can you honestly pass up the opportunity to meet such talented designers and visit their studios? So go ahead, surf over to to build your May 1 and 2 itinerary, and send it to me via e-mail at

Then grab your Bixi pass and begin taking in all the beauty that Montreal in the spring has to offer. And if you have some extra free time on your schedule, why not arrange to all get together for an afternoon apéritif to exchange on the experience? I’ll tweet the place and time so make sure to follow @Melaniecity to be in on the latest developments.

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