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It’s highly controversial, ultra luxurious and considered by many as the epitome of sophistication. There was none but one legitimate reason to pass up the opportunity to attend NAFFEM 2010’s fur show: my PETA membership card.

While I should be strongly against the idea of raising and killing animals just to wear their skin on your back (or head, or hands, or feet, or all of the above), I’m also a professional writer and a dignified member of the journalistic community. So in the name of socialites and fur fashion lovers everywhere, off I went to the Monday noon show.

GGG: Glitz and Glamour in all Glory

I must have expected a whole lot of the traditional grandma ankle-length brown fox fur coat because I was happily surprised by the wide array of styles being showcased at this event. So without further ado, here is my Top 10 list of NAFFEM2010’s noon runway show:

#10: Gliagias

National Furs Int’l displayed some interesting stitch work, and so did Jean Crisan with its sporty and funky creations, but no one managed to top Gliagias’ elegance and grace. As one of the biggest and most important fur manufacturers in Kastoria, Gliagias Furs has no doubt showed its multi-generation expertise.



#9: Global

I may be one of the rare ones to have actually enjoyed this collection on Monday but given that I’m no FFF (that is, fur fashion follower for you novices), it was clear I would fall for a line that would display ultra sexy leopard prints and short, cinched jackets.



#8: Dino Gaspari

Innovative designs and luxurious textile coats made from 100% cashmere and angora forced me to give this company the credit it deserves. True modern styles that are perfectly wearable in the city. This spot was initially reserved for SEAL by Bente Houmann Anderseen and its urban-queen-of-the-night flair, its electrifying blue tints and fringe detail but the name made me cringe at the idea of what lurked behind it...

Dino Gaspari


#7: Sunrise

A close call as North Pole, which exuded so much richness and elegance to make anyone feel worthy of a night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stole a large piece of my notebook space, but I could not get past the dominant skunk look. Instead, Sunrise’s collection gave off a feel of practical sophistication and trendy luxury, perfect for the urban girl in all of us. The company specializes in reversible sheared mink coats, fur trimmed outwear and shearling coats.



#6: Paula Lishman

With pieces that are reminiscent of Russia, Lishman pulled off true Northern style at its best. A feeling of stateliness and perilous living wrapped into one. Handmade in Canada, Lishman creations are knitted through a uniquely designed process that adds instant value and quality to your garment.

Paula Lishman


#5: Dero

Dero harmonized the sobriety of elegance with flirty cuts. The collection was characterized by a mixture of ample sleeves, cinched waists and sultry fur collars, mostly against black textiles for a hint of sincerity.



#4: Hide Society by Gimpex

HSG presented a collection of bold, sexy jackets for the city slicker gal, including fur-trimmed and hooded classics for young and contemporary style. A mystery collection I had labelled JFM in my notes would have gotten this spot, had I been able to locate it after the show, but its existence is as intriguing as the collection I am convinced I saw. Models were wrapped in fitted leather outfits and knee-highs, which gave us the impression of a constant clash of eras, like Trinity meets Sylvia Trench.



#3: AFG 1972 by Nipal

While I have no particular fondness for this collection, it deserved a spot as it is the only one that brought something for the younger (and I mean MUCH younger) crowd. Yellow, black and red bomber jackets with timid fur trims gave an instant revivification effect to the anti-fashion bomber jacket.

AFG 1972 by Nipal


#2: North Atlantic Fur Group

Bright, electric hues were undoubtedly the highlight of the show. Bright reds and galvanic blues coloured the stage, blinding us to the fact that the pieces we were eyeing were once living beings. The Luna and Michaela collections were among the brightest in that regard, bringing to the scene a gust of 80s outrageousness, but North Atlantic Fur Group had a dazzling red shoulder bag that made you forget 1) that it was seal skin and 2) that the boots were mismatched and the outfit utterly impractical, albeit fun and flirty.

North Atlantic Fur Group North Atlantic Fur Group


And finally, the #1 collection of the runway…

#1: NOBLEZ® shoes and handbags

You didn’t really think I was going to let that one go, did you? While the models adorned Aldo and Spring shoes (don’t ask), there was a very cute booth filled with crystal beaded, handcrafted shoes in red, pink, blue, gold and silver – enough to drive any woman wild. Thanks to its ideal location near the exit, this collection ended my experience of NAFFEM on a very cheery note.


A note for my fellow vegetarians: Don’t you fret, furry friends, I have not gone over to the dark side, but it brings me to thinking that it would be wise to gather our talent and try to mimic these creations in fake fur glory. Competing is half the battle…

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