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Many women, including myself, dress according to their mood, which often serves to explain why we can never, during our morning routine, pick one outfit and stick with it. It’s all relative to our state of mind, and we all know that our mind is an ever-changing component of our lives. So what happens when you’re 20 kilometers from home and you suddenly realize you no longer feel your style du jour?

Sometimes, the clothes on your back may look fine but the attitude, that very essence I consider to be the most important part of an outfit, will go amiss. And when your mood no longer matches your style, you quickly start feeling out of place.

If you’re anything like me, your mornings are like dress rehearsals. Although I don’t understand why since I most often end up wearing the very first thing I tried on. Yet, every day I waste about 20 precious a.m. minutes trying to extinguish unfounded panic attacks brought on by dumb insecurities.

I think the key to never being stuck out all day wearing something that doesn’t feel right is having a closet that is fully functional and completely true to you. But how does one do that? Mine is bursting with clothes that decency would have me throw away, but that I choose to keep for camping trips or lazying around the garden. This could be acceptable if it were true but the problem is that I often find myself grabbing a shirt from that pile when heading to the dog park or going rollerblading, and this almost always causes me to feel under-dressed, even slobbish.

Thankfully, there is a solution to all of this ridicule: getting professional help. I’m not talking about healing the psyche – although it could help too – but I’m thinking about a good closet cleanse. We do it with beauty products, computer files and the den so why not do it with out closet every once in a while?

Determined to downsize the ‘off-day’ pile in my closet to make room for pieces I would actually enjoy wearing, I performed a quick search for Montreal stylists and discovered a place that any fashionable woman should keep on speed dial: Très Chic Styling.

TCS is a new Montreal business concept that offers three very important services:

  1. Appointment VIP sales with discount designer wear, stylist services and private shopping experience;
  2. VIP client season designer sales; and
  3. End of the season designer liquidation sales

With a business model that claims to be driven by ‘finding luxury merchandise at recession-proof prices and providing customized styling to clients,’ I knew I had found the right place.

And did I mention designer discounts?

TCS is run by two of our best local talents: Maryam Rafa and Angelica Koinis. Mary is co-founder and creative director. She has worked with some of the best designers in America, has been stylist to many international fashion shows, and continues to style many NYC socialites. Angie is co-founder and executive director. With a degree in Marketing and International Business from Concordia University, she has worked in Europe, promoting Italian luxury goods, and with the world’s largest diamond dealer.

Angelica Koinis Maryam Rafa

One of the cool things about the girls at Très Chic Styling is that they select their merchandise with you in mind, Montrealers. They understand and cater to the very complex needs of designer-loving, four-seasoned gals who want to remain on top of trends but simply don’t have the time to store-hop every day.

Because I continuously find myself falling for passing trends instead of checking out bargain basics or choosing pieces that suit my skin tone, the question I was dying to ask our marvellous stylists was ‘what is the most important rule to follow when shopping?’ I was desperate to learn how I could avoid bringing home, yet again, items I would never even take out of the bag. I was relieved to find out that I was not the only one in this situation and that Très Chic Styling has developed a questionnaire to help its clients ensure they first have the basics covered.

Setting up before a Sale

According to my new favourite stylists, if you want to have a fully functional and fashionable closet, you should first seek pieces that are not only versatile but that also make for the very foundation of your wardrobe. Simpler said than done, right? Well, it’s not that tricky if you have the right tools and to help you, TCS has categorized those basic style-savers into 8 groups:

  1. Outerwear – which includes an evening coat, a trench and a winter jacket
  2. Dresses – namely an evening dress and a day dress, a summer dress, an LBD and a black skirt
  3. Tops – camisoles, cardigans, a fitted white blouse, a black evening top, a turtleneck and a casual sweater
  4. Jackets – including at least a fitted blazer and a leather or denim jacket
  5. Bottom wear – black dress pants, (several) jeans, leggings and dressy shorts
  6. Undergarments – that is seamless underwear, black and neutral pantyhose, a convertible bra, a dress slip, nipple covers and body tape
  7. Accessories – silk scarves, gloves and belts of all kinds
  8. And my very own favourite, footwear: pumps, leather boots, sneakers, wedges, flats, oh my!
  9. Lovely in an Alberta Ferret

This, of course, is only the ground work. It is not to say you can’t add and adapt according to your tastes, lifestyle and body type but before you do, I strongly recommend you visit the girls over on the Main and see what they have in store for you. You might be surprised… and I am convinced, truly delighted.

Herve Leger Dress w/ Boyfriend Blazer

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