The Twitter Effect: Follower 1 - July 4 - LCMR

Twitter, to me, contains a gold mine of information. I could even go so far as to say that it’s where my professional life unfolds, day after day. Every minute – and sometimes every second – the beeping sound of TweetDeck alerts me to a new blogpost, newsflash or random tweeple thought. I adore it. It gives me the pulse of the people who matter to my work here. That is not to say that those I don’t follow don’t matter, but maybe just that I don’t know they exist in this virtual world. And sometimes, it’s a matter of having the time to read everyone.
To resolve this issue, I’ve taken upon myself to get to know one of my followers every week. I will go through the list of @Melaniecity followers, pick one and invest time in it to understand its purposes. The only two conditions are that the person or group is linked to a website and that it’s not damaging to anybody. Then, I’ll report back to you. You never know what or who I may uncover… it could very well be you! So go on, tidy up your posts, and stay on your best Tweeting behaviour! I’m watching!

Week of July 4, 2010: @lescoursanne

Many Montrealers may be familiar with @lescoursanne as this it the Twitter account for Les Cours Mont-Royal. For everyone else, LCMR is a trendy underground shopping spot downtown Montreal. It offers exclusive boutiques, unique fashions and designer brands for men and women. Among others, shoppers will find Armani, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Prada, Versace, YSL... It is also home to Spa Diva, an upscale spa that caters to Montreal’s urban bourgeoisie.

Les Cours Mont-Royal

Followers of @lescoursanne on Twitter get the latest LCMR store promotions, style ideas, interviews with fashion moguls, hip event announcements, and even health tips from @spadivamedical. In fact, it makes me wonder why it doesn’t have more followers. It could be that Les Cours Mont-Royal has undergone a major revamping over the past decade – I remember when, in the late 1980’s - early 1990’s, this space was just starting to give birth to random boutiques. It was, at the time, only a passage to other shopping cores, not much else. Plus, as a teen, I didn’t have the means to visit any of the boutiques it showcased then. Today, while I can afford to treat myself every now and again, Les Cours Mont-Royal has become a must-stop beauty central and retail hub, and a gathering of fashionistas who make it mandatory to be seen there after a few hours of frivolity inside Holt and Ogilvy a few blocks west.

I was entirely oblivious to the fact that Les Cours Mont-Royal was on Twitter, much less following me, but they have since become a friend and I am loving their news items!

Anne Martin runs the account, and she does a pretty good job at it, but can I respectfully suggest a Twitter page design upgrade, more frequent tweets (as in daily maybe? Got to keep readers interested and on their toes…) and a bigger focus on the retailers at LCMR? But kudos on being true Montrealers and making each post bilingual! That deserves a big star in my book.

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