The Twitter Effect: Follower 2 - July 20 - KoKo

It may sound strange that for this second week of Twitter Effect, I choose to talk about a follower that is already so well known, it has become an establishment in Montreal. I mean after all, this column is meant to uncover our city’s hidden gems. Yet, while it may be true that it no longer needs our backing to become one of the city’s trademark happening spots, I think that because the place embodies the very essence of Montreal, it’s important to be reminded that it’s there and that we need to take good care of it if we want to ensure it remains alive and well.
I first encountered KOKO when a friend invited me to dinner there one night, in the summer of 2009. I had of course, like any Montrealer, heard about the place, but I had never set foot in it. Unfortunately, that is often the case in Montreal. We are surrounded by ultra hip and luxurious clubs, lounges and restaurants – and that is our curse. It’s our refinement, yet our downfall.

KoKo indoors

We never have the chance to experience it all, before it fades away… and is reborn as something else.

More often than not, it's a passing trend. Is KOKO? Hopefully not because this bar+restaurant is so much more than a fad. It’s the amalgamation of jet set posh and trendy cool. You can show up in KoKo outdoorsclub wear, a three-piece suit or plain urban clothing, and you’ll fit right in because KOKO is what Montreal is all about: indulgence at its best.

It’s no wonder then, that Condé Nast Traveler has selected KOKO Restaurant + Bar as one of the world’s top 35 new bars and clubs in 2009. With "an interior akin to a design museum, a terrace befitting the splendor of a perfect sunlit Montreal afternoon, and an exquisite pan-Asian menu," we all concur that it’s where the glamourously modern it crowd is seen… and wants to be seen.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out the recent Sex and City 2 event was to take place there. I, in fact, felt it was best representative of Montreal chic. Where else can you get a rooftop terrace, elegant dining and a unique taste for style and theatrics on the Main itself? It is our best revenge against all this New York buzz. It is our pride and, oh so very so, joy.

While I’m at it, I could of course mention, that it is located in the boutique Opus Hotel, but I prefer to keep this for a future effect… once I’ve have the pleasure of discovering its hidden treasures myself maybe.

KoKo Restauraunt + Bar

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