Old Navy Holiday ‘10 Collection

I’m not a stylist. I don't even care about fads. I see something in a window store or in a magazine, and I pass judgment or I adopt, but I never follow trends. I know what I like and it’s always worked for me. In fact, I much prefer to break the rules and play devil’s advocate. I’m extremely opinionated, which seems to carry quite a lot of networking power, but I didn’t study fashion, design, or even arts for that matter. I’m a pure marketer-editor who just happens to be a clothes whore and a glamourous rock n’ roller.

When I started this gig, it was as a lifestyle columnist because if there’s something I know how to do, it’s to live and enjoy life… and live on some more to tell about it. Quickly, I became surrounded by fashion lovers – i.e., you, guys – and I thought I’d chip in my 2 cents on the industry’s products. Somehow, I became increasingly involved with the Montreal fashion blogging scene, and I made it onto the guest list of several of the city's hottest events. But remember, my views are not those of a master of the art that is couture but those of an editor who loves to showcase and market talent.

The latest event I attended was Old Navy’s Holiday ’10 Collection show at Auberge St-Gabriel. At first, I felt I had no right to be there because to me, Old Navy rhymed with Partridge Family, and that didn’t paint a pretty picture. But I had, after all, attended a fur show as a PETA member so I had to own up to this.

I must say, Old Navy impressed me. Maybe not in the way Chanel or Pucci tend to do, but I didn’t expect so much versatility from a Gap line. I’m not a fan of colour – I’m more of a neutral gal – but I have to give praise to Old Navy for trying to steer away from that 12-year-old American Texan bohemian look that most urban Canadians frown upon.

Old Navy 1

Old Navy 2

The first item that caught my eye was of course the Tuxedo Rockstar denim. I mean, come on, the name alone is a seller. Gotta give them that much. Pair that with a Peace belt and a Valentino Sculpture Lace pump (oups, those weren’t in the show…), and you’ve got a pretty happening urban outfit.

Old Navy 4

Old Navy 3

The accessories weren’t my style as I stay away from Ugg-like booties mostly, but I dug most of their scarves. In fact, the only major downfall I could mention is that the brand still needs to work on that “for the whole family” motto because through it all, there’s not one thing I saw that I could picture my investment banker of a boyfriend wear regularly, unless he was heading to Mont Royal on a Sunday afternoon.

Being a professional snob myself, I can’t picture buying an Old Navy power suit either. It’s just engraved that way in my head. While Old Navy deserves a big hand for thinking about designing such a line, the company still needs to work on the branding. If only to help those of us who remember the older commercials of similar brands showcasing smiling pre-teens in colourful tuques jumping up against a white background…

Old Navy 6

Old Navy 5

Nevertheless, I had a marvelous evening. Much thanks to the Old Navy crew and the Bicom staff who made me feel right at home. Kudos on the meat pies girls! I look forward to our next event!

Until then, happy shopping at holiday prices!

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