B.A.B.E.: T-minus 3 and counting

I am very happy to report that B.A.B.E. is officially SOLD out! We have had to close the event at this point but rest assured, seeing your great and enthusiastic response to it has given us the desire to keep going! So while you may not be able to attend this one, there'll be more to come...sooner than you might think.

Of course that is not to say that you can't join us for the first part of the event, in Parc Lafontaine at 9 a.m. to get your blood flowing and meet some of your city's best!

By now, all I can say is that I'm overwhelmed by the quality of the people who will be joining us, not to mention the fabulous sponsors who have placed their trust in our hands and agreed to pamper you a bit.

If you have paid attention, you may have noticed that the venue still remains unannounced. Well, wait no more as we are officially revealing that the host of our networking event post-Parc Lafontaine will be none other than the fabulously trendy - and oh so chic - Cafe des eclusiers! What better setting for our gathering than the waterfront terrasse?

This is a perfect time to remind you that there is still one major risk to our event: mother nature. As I've mentioned before, please follow me (@Melaniecity) or @montrealfashion on Twitter as we will be posting any development there that very morning. Given the outdoorsy nature of our event, we will be forced to postpone it should there be rain that day.

Another topic of interest among the guests seems to be the dress code. Please bear in mind that the activity in the park will be light and void of any form of sweating, and also that city wear is appropriate for the Cafe (a minimum of civility is required but given the crowd I'm dealing with today, I don't think I need to mention that...)

There is no transportation provided from the park to the Cafe but we strongly recommend you try a Bixi if you haven't yet done so. Otherwise, metro, bus, taxi... all roads lead to the old port!

Should you have any questions until then, feel free to email me. I will be glad to answer you and make the answer available to all, in case others shared similar concerns.

Here's a sneak peek at the surprises in store and looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!  Until then, rock that FMDM fellow bloggers! We're all watching...



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UPDATE July 28, 2010: B.A.B.E.: T-minus 10 and counting

As most of you know, the very first BizVie Annual Bloggers’ Event is taking place in less than 2 weeks. In a few days, we’ll be swept away by the Montreal Fashion & Design show and next thing you’ll know, it’ll be time for B.A.B.E. There’s a lot of excitement going on at BizVie right now. We have received a call from an international sleaze rock sensation’s manager, confirming an interview next week, we have just finished our first editorial photoshoot, and we’re in the midst of all this Bloggers’ Event preparation work.

The emotions have been strong, especially these past few days! As if prepping for a free, open-to-the-public, outdoor activity wasn’t tricky enough, with the city permits and all that jazz (thankfully we do have some great people answering my phone calls at city hall), we have received the unfortunate news that our very own host, Crystal Champagne, would not be able to make it back from her travels on time August 8. While we were saddened (to say the least!) by this news, one of Vanakays’ best, Jules, quickly came to the rescue… and boy is he looking forward to making you sweat! Thanks Jules!

Which brings up another conundrum: how do you get fashionistas out on a networking mission to

  1. show up on time, at 9 a.m., after the closing of the Fashion & Design show
  2. work up a sweat AND immediately transition over to a networking event?

We were stumped. We had no idea how to do that. So we kindly asked Jules to keep the pace down, to ensure that there is only but slight glistening going on in the park that morning, so as to allow our beautiful bloggers to shake hands and sip refreshments without having to go back home for a shower beforehand.

As we speak, 50 people have RSVP’d to the event, and we are still waiting to hear back from 200+! We have some of this city’s most notorious Tweeters lined up, including – in no particular order - @Fashionista514, @DucCNguyên, @CindyLou_, @ElleMlaMode, @EmilieJolie, @AnikLacasse, @KarimaCatherine and @ChristineisMe, to only name a few.

We are definitely overwhelmed by the interest you have all shown in taking part in this BizVie event, and we now understand why so many great sponsors are knocking at our door, waiting to shower you with gifts.

Vanakays Prize

Our list of partners for the event now includes:

Just imagine the prizes that are waiting to be won (we'll announce them in detail in our next update)… to the lucky few who will attend. That’s right, you read me correctly: B.A.B.E. is gaining so much momentum that we are having difficulty finding a trendy spot to accommodate all the guests who wish to attend. So what does that mean? It means we’re trying our best to find a new location that can cater to your diva needs in such short notice. As we stand, we are faced with a tricky question: make it an exclusive event and turn some down at the door, or try to enlist the best of the best – establishment, that is – to allow us to use their rooftop terrace? Food for thought, right KOKO?

No matter what happens where, rest assured that everyone is welcome to attend the fitness activity in the park. Should you get up August 8 and notice mother nature play a dirty trick on us, get on Twitter or Facebook right away for an event status update. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Finally, for those of you who, like me, are still wondering how you can go from physical activity to lounge, I have the perfect solution. There is of course no dress code at BizVie, but we figured that flip flops (I’ll make an exception this time) and leggings would be perfectly suited for both outdoor and indoor activities. All you’ll have to do after the park is throw on a fabulous top, add a few bangles, tousle your hair, et voilà. Your Wonder Woman transformation is accomplished!

Looking forward to toasting this event with each of you!

Your B.A.B.E. committee,

Melanie & Maya

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