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Sometimes, life throws people in your path for a reason. It’s never fun to trip over them but if you take the time to wonder why they’re there, it can be quite the eye opener. Over the past few months, Montreal Fashion BizVie has grown immensely, much thanks to the support of multi-talented contributors. The magazine is intended to promote local talent and give them an opportunity to speak and be heard, and it is now being recognized as such. There is no better glory than to succeed at what you set out to do. It is therefore very important to always remember to pause, take a look back and remember why and for whom you started this journey.

The Twitter Effect was created to do just that. It allows me to look at the people who stand behind the magazine, and me, and thank them for their incredibly significant presence by BizVie’s side.

This week we are following… Marjorie’s Closet!

I first met Marjorie at B.A.B.E., last Sunday. We had, of course, exchanged a few tweets beforehand but I had never had neither the chance nor the time to snoop through her work. I am guilty of doing that too often and am not very proud of it, and while I could make a good case as to why I don’t have the time, it’s beside the point.

Marjorie's Closet

Marjorie’s Closet is not just another girl’s take on fashion and style. It’s a very intimate space where you discover the tender yet jetsetting ways that make Marjorie. Marjorie has encountered hardships that most of us may never get to experience, and it’s with these life lessons that she comes to us today, in all her stunning elegance, to talk about them and what makes life, life. She has undoubtedly learnt that living is about doing what drives you absolutely mad with joy, and not wasting a minute in self-pity. Her pictures show that she cares not for fluff and artificial, but still manages to personify the very essence of cool.

Marjorie’s Closet is a straight-to-the-point, nothing-is-hidden-but-all-is-sacred blog that takes its readers to the heart of a fashion lover’s journey. It is authentic, and I am convinced that you will feel right at home in it. Marjorie understands the importance of promoting our local talent and venues (kudos girl!), and I truly wish for her that Montrealers will in turn take notice of her talent and give her proper recognition.

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