The Making of B.A.B.E.

Most of you have, by now, heard or attended B.A.B.E., but few of you know that it actually started out as a lunch idea only a few weeks before the actual event was to unfold. We thought, now that the event has passed and that most of you are already anticipating the next one, we’d let you in on the action-packed challenges we encountered.

The idea

Those of you in the blogosphere understand that while we may be talking through Twitter, Facebook and the likes every day, we rarely see each other outside of main events. Same goes for some of us here at MontrealFashionBizvie, which is why I find it important - not to mention, refreshing – to regularly get together with my editor, whether over lunch or cocktails, to discuss our next steps.

The idea for B.A.B.E. occurred during one of our lunches at L’Aromate on Maisonneuve, downtown. Sipping a tasty glass of red wine and indulging in a succulent summer salad, we felt it was about time to gather all local bloggers for a celebration. We didn’t say what, we didn’t say where, but I was dying to meet my colleague Crystal so what better to do this than to integrate her into the process.

Off we went our separate ways…

The beginning

If you think, by reading her blogs, that Crystal is an active person, you haven’t seen her at work! No sooner had I pressed “sent” on that e-mail in which I presented the initiative, Crystal was on board with a ton of ideas and a major sponsor, one of our cherished oasis here at BizVie: Vanakays. Now, add Jules & Brigitte from Vanakays to Crystal’s insatiable energy and you quickly learn that things don’t stagnate. In fact, in less than 5 days, we had laid out the concept, set a date, dealt with the city over permits and of course, we had found our ultimate B.A.B.E. purpose. I was thrilled.

The sponsors

LXR was quick to come aboard – Frederick has always been a dear to me. I met him when his store opened on Mont Royal, and have been a fervid fan since. So the budget doesn’t always allow me to order what my heart desires but I have tasted his LV, Hermès and Chanel, and it didn't surprise me that he and his partner Baptiste were thrilled to be part of this event.

With Très Chic Styling, the love street goes both ways – I fell in love with the TCS girls from the moment I met them. The first one I met was Mary, when she fitted me for an Herve Leger, which I adored! Then I met Angelica when I splurged – and emptied the lunch account – on three pairs of JBrand denim. Each time, they were absolute pearls and I love them for their honesty and sense of style. I mean come on, where else do you get connected Hampton stylists outside of the Hamptons? My point exactly.

Next to come on board were the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Marcelle. Once again, both very eager to take part in an event that had the objective of reuniting Montreal’s local talent.

The idea of involving the MMFA had come to me when I visited the Miles Davis exhibit mid-July (sidenote: everyone should see that exhibit, it’s a gem!). I had thought that in addition to great clothes, good health, tasty drinks and a perfect location, Montreal bloggers would appreciate some cultural feature. MMFA served that purpose perfectly.

The people at Marcelle showed great enthusiasm toward our project and welcomed our idea with open arms… and pockets. Every one of our guests greatly appreciated the loot! (Don’t you just love that SPF lipbalm?)

A short time before the wrapping of the event came along The company carries an impressive variety of crystal, silver and gold-plated jewellery, directly from a parisian creation studio. If you haven’t yet met Aurélien and Kelly – or visited their site for that matter – you are missing out. Look them up on Facebook for sneak peeks and up-to-the-minute info on their product offerings.

Last, but definitely not least, came our thirst-quenching sponsor: FIJIWater. It took not even a day to have delivered to our front door cases and cases of this refreshing treat. Their enthusiastic participation was so very fitting to our outdoor event (sadly, champagne doesn’t hydrate you properly and Vanakays cares too much about your health to have allowed anything but water during our fitness bit).

The location

By then, we had plenty of sponsors and were excited to pin down the right venue to welcome your fancy feet. Café des Éclusiers’ eagerly offered to open their jetsetting venue for our event. The Café is practically on the water, with sitting areas that give you a perfect view of the city’s skyline through the Old Port. Parking is easy and the staff is courteous so really, what more can you ask? Martin and Serge did a magnificent job accommodating us and opening the Café’s door for us at 10 a.m. Thanks a bunch guys, we’ll be back for other events sooner than you think.

The event

I believe you’ve all seen pics of the event. The weather played with our minds a bit at first; bloggers were hesitant to come out; FMDM closing ceremonies were a bit hard on some… but by noon, we had some of this city’s best toasting the blue sky away.

The outcome

We’re so thrilled with the outcome of our first event, we’re already working on the next one. Our lovely event planner Maya has a marvellous idea up her sleeves, and I can’t wait to reveal it to you. A hint? Think of a long, red strip...

See you all next time!

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