Color Blocking trend for Spring '12

Silvia Di Iorio
Color blocking in fashion has come a long way since YSL’s 60s Mondrian collection. It is now one of Spring 2012’s biggest trends, as we have seen in Fashion Weeks across the globe and emerging in stores now.

Bright, neon, and even pastel colors are getting the color blocking treatment, contrasted with darker colors such as black to give a more dramatic effect or paired with neutrals to tone it down a notch. From citrusy hues like coral, mint green, orange, and bright yellow, to cool colors like lilac, magenta, and cobalt blue, mixing and matching colors has never been more fun. (A useful tip: don’t wear more than 3 main colors per outfit. Otherwise, you may end up looking a little clown-ish. )



Designers are playing with geometric shapes, as seen at our favorite international and local brands. Every designer is putting their own spin on this trend. One of my favorite collections this upcoming season is Chloé – lots of white mixed with solid corals and pinks are absolutely stunning color combos. Simple and yet very striking. And although we’re bound to be hit with this trend in full-force coming spring and summer, we’re sure to see it continuing well into fall, too.

Montreal’s own Martin Lim have proudly showcased bold solid colors in the past two Montreal Fashion Weeks. Like Chloé, Martin Lim is using lines and colors to visually elongate the female frame.

There are so many different color trends popping up this coming summer, from floral prints to Aztec motifs, but nothing is more powerful than solid bold colors from head to toe.


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