Bizvie Insider Access: Behind the Scenes with Ralph Leroy, Kenscoff 2013

Silvia Di Iorio
Ralph Leroy is an entrepreneur, designer, and well known in and around the Montreal fashion community. He has accomplished so much through hard work and dedication to this field. Behind all the glitz and glam, behind the fashion shows and special events, who is Ralph Leroy? Bizvie has the special opportunity to go behind the scenes to give you an exclusive preview peek at the preparation of Kenscoff Fall/Winter 2013.

I met up with Ralph this past weekend at his new atelier in the Chabanel area, still under construction. He revealed that the inspiration behind the Kenscoff collection goes back to his Haitian roots. “In one word – Roundtrip”, he says to describe Kenscoff. It represents a roundtrip (coming of a full circle) between Montreal and Haiti, a country he deems magical in many ways.

With his roots being so influential in his life, this collection is his most personal one yet. For Ralph, Kenscoff is more than a collection. It’s an attitude that illustrates the strength of his countrymen and women.

My curiosity already heightened, Ralph then blared his music even louder, as it is his daily source of inspiration. He then took a blank paper and pen, and sketched an abstract, surrealist illustration. His visions then come to life through the fabrics and colors that he carefully selects. Now that is a creative individual.

Ralph Leroy on creative overdrive

The fabrics he showed me were so scrumptious, so to speak. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to fabric. He didn’t allow me to photograph the fabrics just yet – but just imagine: soft leathers with a hint of sparkle, ombre grey and white sheer silk, detailed laces and hand embroidered sequined fabrics. The metallic and neutral colors tie in with the strength of the Kenscoff theme.

Ralph Leroy Atelier-in-progress

While all of this sounds fascinating already, the next Montreal Fashion Week is only three weeks away – and the sewing process has yet to begin! With the new atelier still in progress and fabrics needing to be coordinated with designs, it seems like so much to do in so little time. But neither Ralph nor his assistant, Vanessa, seem stressed – they know it’ll be done in timely fashion. Can I be stressed for them?!

Stay tuned to this space, more inside news follows soon.

Kenscoff 2013 - Ralph Leroy

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