Kenscoff Collection In Motion for the Montreal Fashion Week

Silvia Di Iorio
Another week, another behind the scenes access pass filled with some exciting news. It seems as though things are in full-speed motion at Ralph Leroy’s atelier, and they’re not stopping until Fashion Week.

Ralph revealed some interesting little tidbits of information for me this week. First off, he has cast three renowned beautiful top models for the show: Kiki Barth, Nayeli Fanfan, and Sarodj Bertin. They will be flying in to Montreal this week – more on that later.

Secondly, Haitian fashion/costume designer Madeline Ledin will also be in Montreal to give Ralph a helping hand with the collection.

And finally, I got an exclusive sneak peak at the Kenscoff collection! All I can say for now is that Ralph is making great use of versatility with his garments so that they can be layered and worn multiple ways:

Kenscoff 2013

“One piece can have ten thousand looks”, he says.

Keep tuning in for more inside scoop on the models and more about the collection! Did you buy your tickets to the Kenscoff Show yet?

Kenscoff 2013


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