Kenscoff’s Renowned Models Exclusive Q&A

Silvia Di Iorio
The model casting for Ralph Leroy’s show has taken place this past weekend. Everything seems to be coming along smoothly and Bizvie has first dibs on the thoughts and views of Nayeli Fanfan and Sarodj Bertin, two renowned models cast in Leroy’s show. Read on for snippets from the conversation I recently had with them about the big show coming up.

SILVIA: You've traveled a great distance to be a part of not only MFW, but to be in Ralph Leroy's show specifically. What made you choose to do so?

NAYELI: How could I refuse the invite. I choose to do so because I could not refuse to take part in this wonderful idea of him to bring Haiti to Montreal with Kenscoff.

Nayeli Kenscoff 2013

SARODJ: Ralph Leroy, is a great Haitian Designer, and I feel I identify with his project. As a Haitian, we need to do things together to show the world the other face of Haiti! I admire Ralph for his work, and I will always support him.

Sarodj Kenscoff 2013

SILVIA: What are your thoughts on the Kenscoff collection, and what can we expect from the show?

NAYELI: I haven’t seen it yet. I am waiting for the surprise. I know Ralph has great taste and works hard. Let us be prepared to be amazed.

Nayeli Kenscoff 2013

SARODJ: I think it will be a collection that projects a lot about Haitian Culture, and if you ever go to Kenscoff in Haiti you will understand why Ralph chose the name. It is an honor for me to be part of Ralph Fashion Show! And I know you will all love it. :)

Sarodj Kenscoff 2013

Nayeli Kenscoff 2013

A little more than a week to go till the show! Now I’m really looking forward to the surprises Ralph has in store for his viewers. More to come as I visit the atelier later this week!

Kenscoff 2013 Ralph Leroy

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