Designer Madeline Ledan On The Kenscoff Collection

Silvia Di Iorio
This weekend, I had the honor of meeting Fashion and Costume Designer Madeline Ledan. What a delightful person, honestly. A great friend of Ralph Leroy’s, she traveled here from Haiti to lend a helping hand in the Kenscoff collection. I had a nice little chat with her about Kenscoff…

The show is on Tuesday and there is still a lot of running around to do, despite the collection being done. As a Haiti native, Madeline also feels a deep connection with the Kenscoff theme. She says that this is Ralph’s way of combining his two cultures, Haitian and Canadian, in one fashion collection: “a contradiction in harmony”. How does he represent that? Through the fabrics of course!


Madeline brought with her, straws from Haiti. Ralph is incorporating actual straw to construct some of his most unique pieces, but combining the straw with fabrics from Montreal to create one-of-a-kind ensembles. In a sense, Madeline says it “brings together the two cultures with fabrics. It’s the best of both worlds.”


It has taken nearly a week and a half to hand make corsets entirely out of straw. I had the privilege of viewing a few and I have to say that this is art in the making. Ralph will be combining these with what he calls “Congo skirts”. Can’t wait to see how Kenscoff comes together.

So there you have it. Bizvie insider's look at a collection in the making within the weeks just before Fashion Week – but that’s not all! More surprises to come at the fashion show! Be there!

Kenscoff -Ralph Leroy

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