Skipping Breakfast could Potentially Lead to Weight Gain

Crystal Champagne
We call it “breakfast” and for a good reason. When you have your first meal of the day you are literally breaking the fast from the night before. Unfortunately it is the meal that is the most often neglected or skipped. So why then do many of us omit breakfast? Sometimes it is a lack of time, or you do not feel hungry till lunch. Whatever the reason skipping out on the first meal of the day can lead you to gain weight. After your body has slept for the night it needs to recover from the brief period of starvation. If you do not eat something in the morning and wait till lunch time you are literally forcing your body to run on empty, which ultimately slows your metabolism down because your body thinks it is going into starvation mode and will start hoarding future calories you ingest that day.

It is a known fact that people who eat breakfast eat less throughout the day. However I do occasionally hear someone say; “when I eat breakfast I actually feel hungrier!” This is true if what you are eating for the first thing, is unbalanced. You must combine protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre. This combination will make you feel full longer, compared to a simple carbohydrate breakfast with no protein, such as a white bagel with jam. So, try substituting the white bagel (simple carb) to a complex carbohydrate such as a whole-wheat bagel with a teaspoon of almond butter. The two options mentioned above may have the same caloric intake however the latter will delay hunger longer, by slowing down your digestion.

Cherries Apples Granola

It is normal to feel hungry between breakfast and lunch, so be aware of this and plan to bring along a healthy snack to eat in between your meals. As you step out the front door for the day put a piece of fruit in your bag or try one of my favourites; Leclerc’s healthy snack Praeventia granola bar bites which average 16% fibre, and have low saturated fat with only 100 calories. It is better to have a healthy breakfast, and healthy small snack which will help you choose a healthier lunch rather than a gigantic fattening early lunch which you may feel inclined to attack because of your morning food deprivation.

Starting your day with a nourishing breakfast sets the road for a healthy weight management program by helping you avoid overeating the wrong foods while making sure your body’s metabolism does not slow down.

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