Stick to your Get-Fit Program, Ask yourself these 3 Questions

Crystal Champagne
It’s that time of the year again, spring is in the air…pretty soon summer will be here and it will be bikini season. All winter you have been contemplating whether to join a gym, and now you are under the gun and serious about taking your fitness into your own hands. It is a known fact that before actually stepping into a gym there are many psychological factors that must take place. One of the first is the desire to get in shape, and then next is actually thinking about joining a gym and the third step is testing the “waters” and looking around to see which gym would best suit your needs. So before you join up and sign on the dotted line, make sure you increase your chances of staying committed by considering these 3 factors which will help you stay motivated and not only get you to the gym but keep you going.

1. Location, location, location... Is the gym close to either your work or home? Being able to run in on your lunch hour or right after you have dropped the kids off at school, makes it that much easier to work out and one less reason not to go.

Gym location


2. Timing.... Do the offered classes fit into your schedule? Try and figure out what would be the best time for you to work out, and see if the classes you would like to attend are available then. Ask yourself this - do you have the most energy in the morning before you start work? Then an early morning class might do the trick. You have only have 45 minutes at lunch, so perhaps a quick spin class might be the solution? Look at the gym’s schedule and see if any of the classes you enjoy, fit within your required time frame.



3. Can you make it fun? In order to fight boredom you must change your schedule regularly. For instance, incorporate a Zumba class during the week in between your weight training routine. One of the key factors to staying motivated while working out at the gym, is to keep it fresh and fun so that way you don’t fall into a rut.

Gym fun


Sometimes joining a gym is the easiest step to a new health kick, it is staying inspired to keep going that proves to be the challenge. So before you choose your gym, remember it should be close to work or home, it should offer classes of interest that fall within your required time frame, and lastly it should offer varied choices of classes, so that you can and will keep your body fit and mind stimulated.

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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
Crystal combines 10 years of competitive equestrian riding to her certifications as a personal and group trainer to inspire individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. As well, she enjoys working as a strength coach for elite athletic sports teams.

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