Circuit Training; Lose Body Fat and Maintain Muscle Mass

Crystal Champagne
With today’s busy schedule most people are not willing to allocate more than an hour at the gym, so this is why circuit training may work for you. It has to be one of the most effective types of training for those looking to lose weight and tone and it is the most time efficient since you are able to get a whole body workout, great cardio training and all within a short period of an hour or less.

Circuit training requires a sequence of several resistance exercises done on a continual basis. For instance; a circuit may consist of 8 exercises (plank, walking lunges with bicep curl, skipping rope...) with each one being performed for 40 seconds. In between each exercise there is a rest period for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 10 seconds to 40 seconds. There are many factors that determine the efficiency and level of intensity within circuit training; for instance the type of exercise performed, the tempo, the duration of the exercise, the load and the rest period in between each exercise. Obviously the more intense you make the circuit the more effective it becomes.

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Reduce Body Fat

Circuit training is known to decrease body fat. Lean body mass is usually sustained or increased together with a decrease in body fat. This is a major benefit for those wanting to lose weight while maintaining their existing muscle mass. Traditionally aerobic exercise alone decreases total weight including lean body mass where as in circuit training the resistance training involved encourages muscle mass development. Ultimately what this does is increase your metabolic rate which will help with your overall calorie expenditure, by reducing your body fat but maintaining or increasing your lean body mass (muscle).

Aerobic Benefit

The aerobic benefits from circuit training are determined mainly by the duration of the exercises performed and by the amount of circuit stations and the amount of rest in between each station or exercise. For instance, if you are to perform a circuit with 40 second exercise intervals (40 seconds of skipping) with 10-20 second recovery time and you do this a minimum of 3 times a week it is for sure you will improve your VO2 max*. Keeping the recovery time short in between exercises will provide the optimal improved VO2 max.

Circuit training

In conclusion, circuit training is an excellent means if you are looking to lose fat while maintaining your lean body mass. It is a great form of exercise if you are short on time but need a whole body workout. Ultimately you feel the benefits of the athletic induced endorphins which will leave you feeling great and more energetic.

For those looking to try out circuit training for the first time or for those who just want to join in on the fun and get a great work out, I will be hosting a free circuit training class being held at lululemon Fairview Pointe Claire May 2nd at 9h00. Hope to see you there!

The maximal oxygen consumptiom is the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual. The name of VO2 is derived from V-volume per time, O2- oxygen, max-maximum measure of aerobic capacity.

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