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Crystal Champagne
In this industry I get to meet many fascinating individuals that come from many different cultures and many different walks of life. No matter how diverse these people are, they all have a common goal; they want to improve their health. The reasons to get into shape vary, sometimes it is the family doctor who has advised them to become more active, sometimes it comes from a strong desire for a better sense of well-being, and sometimes it is very goal specific, such as training for a 10K marathon.

Regardless of the different motivating factors there is one common denominator, they are all willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone, and that’s exactly what happened last Sunday at the lululemon store in Fairview, Pointe Claire. I hosted a 9h00 circuit training class and to my amazement 18 people showed up ready to push their physical limits and sweat their butts off. My hat goes off to these troopers who woke up early in spite of the fact it would have been much easier and much more comfortable to have lounged around with a good cup of coffee and the Sunday paper.

lululemon training

In summary, we had a great turnout, everyone got a challenging work out and we all had fun at the same time. I would like to give credit to the lululemon team as well, without them we would not have had the location to organize this event and they were a great support, always full of smiles, and very motivating. Also, I am delighted to announce that right after teaching the circuit I was presented with the honour to be one of their lululemon ambassadors! I feel privileged to be connected with such a dynamic and high quality group of professionals! It’s people like my Sunday participants and the lululemon team that make my job so much fun and worthwhile. Thanks to all for a great Sunday morning!

lululemon ambassadorship

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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
Crystal combines 10 years of competitive equestrian riding to her certifications as a personal and group trainer to inspire individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. As well, she enjoys working as a strength coach for elite athletic sports teams.

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