Do 'Easy Tone Shoes' Really Work?

Crystal Champagne
Often I get asked about new fitness products that come out that seem to be a quick fix, and one product a few of my clients have been asking about is the new Reebok easy tone shoes. Anybody who watches after dinner TV will have most likely seen the ads for the new fancy running shoes that claim to help give definition to your legs and butt by simply walking with them.

Apparently the instability that is created by the little balance pods under your heel and forefoot force your muscles to work a little harder. If you ask me what will force your little muscles called stabilizers to work much harder it’s not these swanky shoes, but it's training on an unstable surface such as the BOSU.

Here is an exercise using the BOSU that is guaranteed to tighten your legs and butt much better than those easy tone shoes.

Bosu Ball Side Squats and Hops

Preparation: Stand beside BOSU.

Step on the middle BOSU with one foot, other foot remains on ground.

Action: Squat down by lowering your hips to floor, back is flat and chest is up, contract you abs. From the bottom of your squat, jump sideways to the other side of the BOSU, land with the foot that was on the Bosu, and the foot you pushed off with is now on the center of BOSU. Perform 20 times, take a minute break and repeat.

Modification: Add light ankle weights for more resistance.

I wish it would be as simple as strolling about town with these fancy shoes that would tighten my hamstrings and raise my butt. If that were the case I would be the 1st in line walking to and fro work every chance I got.

Let’s face it, it’s hard work, dedication and healthy eating habits that will change your body. You are better off saving your money and joining a gym for a good cardio and strength training workout.

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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
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