Pole Dancing, Here To Stay or Just Another Fad?

Crystal Champagne
Just like the fashion industry constantly changes so does the fitness industry. Trends come and go, some classes that you think will be just a fad such as stroller aerobics, turn out to be a fitness staple in many gyms. Other sport trends show up and not only do they make you ask “what is this?”, they make you ask “are you serious?”, and that’s exactly what happened last weekend.

One of my Facebook friends posted a shot from one of her pole dancing classes, and of course I could not resist but comment because not only did it look wacky it looked really physically challenging , and it got me thinking “hey maybe this is something I would like to try”.

Here are pics of my friend Ana in the midst of one of her sessions...

Pole dancing 1 Pole dancing 2 Pole dancing 3

So I went on my search to find out more information about this exotic form of keeping fit and what I found out was very interesting. It turns out that this fun workout is not only relatively new to mainstream but it is also extremely strenuous and can leave you black and blue. Unfortunately, however, as soon as we think of pole dancing we conjure up seedy clubs and striptease, hence you can understand how this latest activity is causing some sensation and mixed reviews.

Here is what I found: First off, it is hard training, try and imagine the power you need to spin around a pole gracefully while trying to hold your body weight off the ground for a certain amount of time. Secondly, it’s a hoot and definitely not dull, apparently the classes have participants giggling and laughing out loud. Lastly, it does not matter if you are wearing 5-inch heels or your boyfriend’s sweatpants; you will definitely enjoy the health benefits of pole dancing, beginning with one of the simplest moves called the wrap-around. It is certainly not for everybody but for those who are looking to add a little spice into their regular workout it is a creative way to get fit.

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