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With every article I write I try to bring you interesting health related topics, and this time I would like to shed some light on posturology. What is posturology, you ask? Basically it is the science of how our body stands up against gravity. A huge part of our population suffers from bad posture which leads to imbalances in our body that may ultimately lead to chronic pain which might be a backache, neck pain or even sore feet to mention a few.

Mat Boulé, a highly regarded osteopath located primarily in the West Island has a specialty in posturology and has taken the time to explain how he works and assesses his clients in order to correct such imbalances that lead to persistent discomfort.

Mat, can you describe who you are and what you do?
I am a licensed osteopath. My focus is on optimal function of the physical body. I have recently created a systematic approach (ITS – Integrated Therapy System) which allows me to know, in a single session, if I can resolve the patient’s issue or not, and if I will require the help of other health professionals I collaborate with to do so.

So what is ITS specifically?Posturology 1
ITS is the combination of 4 powerful therapeutic tools (Posturology, osteopathy, MAT, ART) that key in on the various reasons why people consult me. It involves tools that allow me to evaluate everything from how a knee moves to how stable an individual is when they stand, eyes closed. It is the most comprehensive system that I know of. It has been developed over 10 years and is in constant evolution.
Once the evaluation is performed, tools to recalibrate posture, realign joints, stimulate, and release muscles are used in a comfortable atmosphere where I educate the patient on what is occurring and how it’s going to help.

You speak of Posturology. What is that exactly?
Posturology is the most efficient tool in my arsenal. It helps me achieve long lasting results in patients that have often, as they say, tried everything! It offers permanent correction of the body in order to create the kind of shifts needed to actually correct the problem, instead of managing it.
PosturPosturology 2ology is embedded in neuroscience research and has been in constant evolution for the last 30 years.
It originated in France, and is now being practiced all over the world by over 6000 health professionals.

So what does it consist of for the patient?
Posturology focuses on the input, while all other techniques manage the output.
Let’s look at a concrete example of how we move and how things can go wrong:
I see a glass of water that I want to pick up. I will be using muscles to pick up the glass. This is the output.
The output was actually dependent on the input. The input represents the information that my body perceives in order to allow me to pick up the glass. For example, my eyes see the glass; they evaluate the distance between my hand and the glass. So the input precedes the output, yet every therapy that I know of addresses and worries about the output, conducted by the muscles that move the joints. We have developed techniques that relax muscles (massage therapy), techniques that adjust the joints (chiropractics, osteopathy), and techniques that tame down inflammation (physiotherapy). The input responsible for how we move actually comes from 4 body parts. These are the body’s sensors, which allow our brain to project to our muscles for an effective output.

What are these 4 body parts or sensors?Posturology 3
The foot, more precisely, the skin of the foot stabilizes us with the ground and provides vertical stability, which is necessary for us to perform any kind of motor task. The eye muscles are on level with the horizon. They allow you to see straight ahead so that you can, again, perform any motor task efficiently.
As well, the position of your jaw and the state of your skin will intervene in how you brain manages the input so it can prepare the output.

For more information on how we evaluate and correct these sensors, when they are out of tune, please refer to my website, Go under Services and click ITS for patients.

Mat Boule

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