Water Intake and your Workout Sessions

Crystal Champagne
Did you know that our body is made up of two thirds water, and without it our bodies would die within just a few days? Our brain consists of 95% water, our blood 80% and our lungs 90%, so that is why it is so important to make sure you keep hydrated especially during this heat wave. Even a drop of only 2% in our body's water content can take a toll on your daily physical activities; dizziness, lack of concentration, daytime fatigue can all be signs of slight dehydration. So, how much water should we drink before, during and after exercise?

Here are some guidelines for water intake during exercise...

It is difficult to give an exact amount of water one should drink because there are so many variables, however following this general guideline below can give you a good reference point and you can modify accordingly.

Amount to drink before exercise:

Drink 2-3, 8 fl oz of water a couple of hours before starting routine.
Drink 8-10 fl oz of water 15 min before starting.

Amount to drink during exercise:

Drink 8-10 fl oz of water every 15 min during routine.
If your routine lasts more than hour a drink with electrolytes and carbohydrates will help the body by supplying energy.

Amount to drink after exercise:

Weigh yourself before and after exercise to know how much fluid must be replenished.
Drink 20-24 fl oz of water for every 1 lb lost.


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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
Crystal combines 10 years of competitive equestrian riding to her certifications as a personal and group trainer to inspire individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. As well, she enjoys working as a strength coach for elite athletic sports teams.

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