Carbohydrates and Weight with the Winter.

Crystal Champagne
Always this time of year, as it starts to get colder, I start to crave more comfort foods. The second helping of mashed potatoes seems more tempting than usual and cookies after dinner start to cross my mind. Things that, normally never tempted me in the summer months. It is common knowledge that people tend to gain weight starting the colder months.

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to hear from Marie-Maxime Bergeron a well known registered dietician. Marie-Maxime will explain the reasons behind the increased cravings, as well as, provide us with the right carb choices that will help to maintain our existing weight and keep our energy levels stable.

Here is what Marie-Maxime had to say:

With shorter days and colder temperatures around the corner, carbs may be more prominent in our diets. Indeed, carbohydrates raise serotonin levels in the brain which improves mood and suppresses appetite. The downfall of too much carbs, more importantly the bad ones can affect energy levels, induce cravings as well as representing excess calories in one’s diet. And with low carbohydrate diets on the rise, insufficient intakes can be as detrimental on energy as having too much... Finding a balance requires choosing the right type of carbohydrates and how we combine them in our diet.

Weight Gain In Winter

Simple carbohydrates are found naturally in concentrated sugars like granulated sugar, honey and maple syrup. This type of carbohydrates are also found in refined foods like white bread, soft drinks and candy. Simple carbs are rapidly converted to glucose in the body; these sugars trigger a fast response from the pancreas in order to even out blood levels. This chain of events explains why these carbs give us a rapid boost of energy before a feeling of tiredness. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are found in whole grains foods, vegetables and fruits. These carbs are slowly metabolized, which provides a more steady influx of glucose in the organism resulting in much more even energy levels.

Optimal energy levels are possible by incorporating complex carbs throughout the day. Also, combining them with protein (nuts, seeds, soy, eggs, cheese, fish, poultry and lean meats) and goods fats (avocados, olive and canola oil) will insure steady energy as well as good appetite control.

Good carbs ideas for meals and snacks :


High Fiber Cereal

Breakfast : high fiber cereal (minimum 4g fiber and maximum 5g of sugar per portion), steel cut oats and fruit

Lunch : beans, barley, stone ground bread and vegetables

Supper : quinoa, whole grain pasta, sweet potato and vegetables

Snacks: stone ground crackers, fruits and vegetables


If you would like further information or would like to make use of her services, Marie-Maxime can be contacted at

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