Calories in Cocktails and other Holiday Spirits

Crystal Champagne
'Tis the festive season and the parties seem to be popping up everywhere. With celebrations come more wining and dining.  It’s the drinking where we allow our stay slim tactics to slide. So for this article, I set out to find how many calories most common drinks contain.  With a little research I was able to find you a list of the more popular drinks, that you see this time of year. Keep in mind though that the numbers mentioned may vary a little depending on the type of wine and or labels.

Here is what I found, listed from the highest to the lowest in terms of calories, for a handy reference:


Eggnog: 2% M.F In one glass w/ rum = 340

Liqueurs or digestives: 2, 5 oz Amaretto = 260 calories

Triple Sec = 205

Baileys = 180 calories

Grand Marnier = 160 calories

Dessert Wine (Porto, Sherry): 5 oz = 150 calories

1 bottle regular beer: 150 calories

Red Wine: 5 oz = 125 calories

1 bottle light beer: 115 calories

Dry Champagne (Extra Brut): 5 oz = 115 calories

Dry White Wine (not a dessert wine): 5 oz = 110 calories

Hard alcohol (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Rum):1, 5 oz (shot) = 90 calories

So the winner in terms of the least amount of calories is the hard alcohol but that's without the mix - O.J., soda etc.. However, you can substitute a high calorie mixer with something low calorie such as diet coke or low calorie juice.

The runners up are wine and champagne, beer and in last place are the digestives!

Cocktail Calories

My Advice: Stick with the wine if you are counting calories it’s so much easier than having to calculate how many calories the added 7-Up or cranberry juice will total. Most importantly drink with moderation and make sure you drink lots of water before, between and after the hard stuff.

Please don't drive drunk. If you do celebrate a little too hard, Operation Nez Rouge will give you a safe ride home.

“Man cannot live without self control.” -Isaac Bashevis Singer

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