Not Happy With Your Reebok Toning Shoes? Get a refund

Crystal Champagne
Do you remember back in the spring of 2009 Reebok came out with new running shoes called Easy Tone? They claimed that these new shoes were a quick fix to toning legs and hamstrings. I remember very well because I had several clients ask me if they would work, and I even wrote an article about it right here questioning these “miracle toning shoes”.

I have always said there is no simple way to get in shape, the fat truth is cutting calories and increasing exercise that will get your body buff! Now it looks like Reebok has agreed to pay $25 million to settle charges, because ads falsely (as per the Federal Trade Commission) claimed that wearing their toning shoes would help get the general population fit faster. They also said that their shoes increased strength in calves and hamstrings by 11% and toned buttocks up to 28%. They insisted that the instability of the shoes created by little balance pods under the heel forced the muscles to work harder etc. See for yourself.

As I stated back in May 2010 and I say it now; the only way to train on an unstable surface to get the most out of your training program is to work with a BOSU, or such equipment as a wobble balance board.

Consumers who purchased the Reebok toning shoes can apply for a refund at

Health and Happiness always!

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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
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