Demystifying Catchy Food Phrases

Crystal Champagne
When we go grocery shopping we've got to be more mindful about the foods we choose. We should be aware of and truly understand, the catch phrases and labelling on food packaging. Fat free may mean very little fat, but may mean the product is high in sugar. We should try to educate ourselves as best possible, in order to make truly health conscious choices when shopping. Listed below are the most common phrases you’ll see marked on common food items, and I will try to demystify them and explain really what they mean.
  • Low calorie: < than 40 calories per serving.
  • Fat free: < than ¼ gr of fat per serving (check out the sugar content, you will notice in all likelihood it's be pretty high).
  • Sugar free: < than ¼ gr of sugar per serving (4 gr’s of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar).
  • Calorie Free:< than 5 calories per serving.
  • Organic: grown free of antibiotics and pesticides.
  • Light: 1/3 fewer calories, or half the amount of fat than the usual food.
  • Good Source of: provides more than 10% of the daily value of a specific vitamin or nutrient.
  • High in: provides more than 20% of the daily required nutrient.
  • Low Cholesterol: < than 20 milligrams of cholesterol and 2 grams less of saturated fat per serving. This marketing label you see often on items that never had cholesterol to start, such as breads. Natural Food

I try to go shopping with a grocery list in hand, so that way I buy only what I need. Also, try to choose real food versus food products. Food products tend to be high in preservatives, high in fat, and sodium. For example: cheese spreads are a food product, and if you ever read the label they are high in saturated fats, sodium, and other strange chemicals. I have always said if you don’t understand the products listed, neither does your body; which usually means it is most likely not the best thing for you. Instead closer to nature the better - natural foods win hands down.

Also when walking down the grocery aisle, I look from top to bottom on the shelves. I have noticed for the most part, that healthier items tend to be not at eye level. Comparing food labels also help when trying to choose healthy food items. Lastly I try to avoid shopping when hungry, that way I avoid buying on impulse which usually means CHIPS!

"Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness." – Edward Stanley

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