Couleurs de Beauté with the Talented Ekaterina Ulyanoff

Couleurs de Beauté
Ekaterina Ulyanoff is a certified makeup artist currently based in Montreal. Raised in Russia, she became attracted to the beauty of art when, as a little girl, she enrolled in a school of Professional Ballroom Dancing. She later moved to Canada, where she graduated from Annie Young Cosmetics, thereby making the transition from ballroom dancing to the creation of gorgeous looks - something she considers "a natural evolution".

Ekaterina Ulyanoff

Since then, she has been living in a fantasy world of art that combines graceful movements, beautiful music, elegant clothing and, of course, dazzling makeup. Highly attentive to details, she can create flawless, long-lasting looks that bring out the natural beauty in her clients. She approaches each of her projects with utmost professionalism and the firm commitment to make everyone she touches feel and look stunningly beautiful.

Ekaterina at work1

Ekaterina at work2

Today, Ekaterina's passion for art continues through her makeup practice, and here, on the pages of Once you have a chance to meet her and experience her art, you understand that the gift truly comes from within.

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