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Beauty begins within, and shows with perfect skin. Every girl wants to have complexion so flawless, that it makes men turn their heads when they walk by.  We try to achieve it with the help of makeup brushes, wedge sponges, and sometimes our fingers, while applying foundation on our skin. Some of us even use an airbrush to achieve that flawless look, but to use an airbrush machine requires certain skills and a moderate investment.

But get ready ladies, I am now going to introduce you to a revolutionary product, which is already a favourite of many successful makeup artists - THE BEAUTY BLENDER!

It is a soft egg shaped sponge that can create the same effect as an airbrush because it is devoid of any sharp edges.  Ever since  I purchased the Beauty Blender, I cannot stop enjoying it. Even though it seems a little pricy - $19.99 for one sponge, I am telling you, it is worth every single cent! It can last you up to 3-4 months if used correctly.

The Beauty Blender should be used damp (soak it in water, squieeze it a couple of times and then wrap it up  with paper towel to remove the excess water). Apply foundation in a bouncing motion to reach the desired coverage. After use wash the beauty blender with the help of a beauty cleanser ( which must be bought separately).

I wanted to highlight some points about the Beauty Blender, based on my professional experience:

- It makes my clients smile when they see this roundish fuchsia thing, reminding them of a clown's nose :)
- All of my clients say it feels very gentle and soft when I apply foundation on their faces with the help of the Beauty Blender.
- The result of flawless looking skin without using an airbrushing machine, is always such a pleasant surprise to everyone I've used it on.

So now ladies, you don't need a professional Make-Up Artist to get you your flawless and even looking skin. Just use the Beauty Blender and you will be surprised by the number of people who will compliment your beautiful skin!

Soon this product will be available at Montreal Sephora stores, but for now you can purchase the Beauty Blender at www.sephora.com or at www.beautyblender.net.

Credits: www.beautyblender.net

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