Hollywood Inspired Halloween Make-Up Ideas - 2010

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Only few days left until Halloween, which means that it's about time to think about your look for the haunting. Being a Make-Up Artist, I figured, why not experiment to have some stunning Halloween make-up happen?  In the past, the most popular Halloween looks were:  cats,  playboy bunnies, firemen and pirates.  This year I'm betting we will see a lot of characters from some popular movies that hit the screen in 2010.

I did a little research on Hollywood inspired Halloween make-up for 2010. The most popular look of Halloween 2010 is expected to be... guess who/what?... AVATAR, of course! This revolutionary movie is arguably not only the most popular of the year, it will also be responsible for blue faces on thousands of people this Halloween. I decided to play with some colors, and arrived at this fun look:

Avatar Makeup

The second most popular cine trend is, obviously, based on TWILIGHT and TRUE BLOOD.  Vampires have always been a mainstay of the Halloween theme, but this year it's even more popular. Girls dream of getting bitten by Edward Cullen. I'm already bitten, but not twice-shy. Now, where is my Jacob? :D

Vampire Bite Makeup

How about "Alice in Wonderland"? This, visual extravaganza based on the popular children's novel, had adults lining up to see the IMAX version of this story. The fact that Johnny Depp - one of the sexiest actors, was part of the cast, only helped. I decided to go for a 'Queen of Hearts' look. But since the character interpretation in the movie was not exactly oozing sex appeal, I peeked at MAC cosmetics face charts of previous years, and came up with this simpler look:

Queen of Hearts Makeup

As for other ideas, you could get inspired by the one and only Lady Gaga. What you will need are glitter, some interesting falsies, bright-colored cosmetics, wigs, rhinestones,  pieces of lace cloth, feathers and some plastic. Go crazy, in a Lady Gaga way.

The last one that I wanted to share with you,  is this really FUN Anime Girl make-Up.  Pretty and hilarious (upon holding your eyes shut). Very original, fresh and cute!

No matter what look you wanna go for...have fun with it! Happy Halloween!

Anime Makeup

*If you want me to do your Halloween Make-Up, feel free to contact me at http://www.ekaterinaulyanoff.com

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