8 Winter Tips for your Skin from a Russian Matryoshka

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November will soon come to an end and it will be time for Canada Goose coats and UGG boots. I am originally from Russia and want to share 8 useful tips, that dulls the effects of even the severe Russian winters, to help maintain health and beauty of your skin during this cold season here in Canada.

Select your winter cosmetic products (as well as the skin care products) based on skin type.  From December to March our skin is exposed to the cold and wind outside, and dry indoor air.

So, if you have oily skin with enlarged pores (like me), winter time is going to help. Cold tightens up the skin.

On  the other hand, if you have dry skin, severe skin dehydration is waiting in the wings.

The function of winter make-up is not only to emphasize the advantages and hide imperfections, but also to protect skin from the harsh climate along with treating it to restore moisture balance. But keep in mind, despite the cloudy weather, dermatologists urge use of sunscreens.

    Matryoshka doll sunscreen

    Here are the promised tips to help your skin deal with winters onslaught:

  1. The dermis rapidly loses moisture, dries up, and small wrinkles appear from dehydration. You must choose foundation with moisturizing ingredients. In the winter it is best to use foundation, which is not “oil-free”. Foundation - not only provides a beautiful smooth skin tone, but also reliable skin protection from winter frost.
  2. If in the summer your face tans easily (due to high doses of Vitamin D), then in the winter, it will turn pale just as easily. Pay attention to the tone of your foundation, so your skin color doesn’t look fake.
  3. In the winter, concealer and corrector are must-have's in your makeup bag, especially because dark circles and pimples are more visible on pale skin.
  4. The favourite bronzer you use during the summer may look quite unnatural on white skin in the winter. Unless you think orange is a natural skin tone.
  5. Winter frost gives our faces a natural blush. You don't want to look like an overdone “Russian Nesting Doll Matryoshka”, when careless makeup emphasizes your natural redness. You want to be careful when applying blushes. Apply blush, ever so lightly, to the cheekbones.
  6. Lips need the most attention in winter, since they get the worst of the cold. During the course of the day, your usual lipstick begins to vanish, exposing unprotected skin to frost and wind. So when buying lipstick for the cold season, be sure to look for vitamins and moisturizing agents.
  7. Obviously, a good chapstick should be another must-have in your purse.  The protective layer should go on, each time it's needed. Nothing looks worse than lipstick applied on chapped dry lips.
  8. And of course, on snowy and rainy winter days, it is important to use waterproof mascara if you want to be protected from raccoon eyes!

Take care of your skin during severe winter times, it may help preserve the youth and beauty of your skin for years to come!


Ekaterina Ulyanoff is a Montreal based Make-up Artist. Visit Ekaterina's website at: www.ekaterinaulyanoff.com

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