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Many of us, if we haven't done so yet, are making plans on how we intend to ring in the New Year while the party season is already on in full swing.... office parties, disco nights every few days this month. As for New Years, some will share the night over champagne with best friends, or loved ones at home, and many will be out partying the night away. Whatever the style, the evening will most probably include heavy consumption of alcohol and so just in time here are some tips on how to feel good on January 1st, and more importantly how to look good and not fear your own reflection in the mirror.

Every girl, going to a party wants to shine with beauty and we put lots of effort to look our best. However, in the morning  very few people manage to look fresh - traces of a stormy night start manifesting.
Here are some of the ways I combat the effects of night parties.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
Each person's body reacts differently to alcohol, and the morning after many suffer from a hangover - headache, nausea, and unbearable thirst. This is due to the fact that alcohol dehydrates the body, so balancing water intake is essential. To reduce unpleasantness the next day, do not forget to drink plenty of plain water (uncarbonated) during the fun night and through the next day.

Lack of sleep
Everyone knows that in order to look good, your body needs enough sleep. If you're home from an all-night party in the morning, you must find time for at least a couple of hours of sleep. When you wake up a good shower will help tremendously and give you a charge of vitality for the rest of the day! It is believed that coffee is an excellent way to fight sleep, but after a stormy party is much better replaced with soothing cups of green tea.


Tired eyes
Your eyes are not just a "mirror of the soul", but also a reflection of your health. Consistent lack of sleep leads to the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes. You can deal with it fairly easily - apply cotton pads soaked in tea to the area around the eyes and let it sit for 5-7 minutes.  (Shhh!: I also have a good secret tip that we’ve been using in our family for years - thin slices of raw potatoes applied on the eyes. Cold feeling of a raw potato stimulates the blood vessels on the eyes and reduces swelling. 5-10 minutes of relaxation, and your eyes are bright and awake from the inside and outside!)

Dull Skin tone
A good way to restore skin tone and healthy appearance after a sleepless night is to wash your face with ice cubes. I always have a portion of ice cubes with  chamomile  (it has incredible qualities of anti-oxidants) in my fridge.

Moisturizing cream

Fatigue always shows on the skin: it peels, it becomes dry and dull, quickly dehydrates. Finish your morning routine with applying a rich moisturizing cream to bring back all vitamins and nutrients to your skin.

So, now that you know these tricks that hide all traces of a fun-all-night-party, party away, you know how to bounce back and look as ravishing as ever. And if you have tricks or tips that you can share with us, let us know we'd love to hear from you!

Happy and Healthy New Year 2011 to all!


Ekaterina Ulyanoff is a Montreal based Make-up Artist. Visit Ekaterina's website at: www.ekaterinaulyanoff.com

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