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You’re right to think this section is all about makeup. But if you think that it is dedicated only to women, think again. Because men, listen up, this is for you too! Fortunately, long gone are the days when a man was required to look just a little more put together than a gorilla.  In fact, recently according to research conducted in America and Europe, 73% of the men consider staring at the mirror as an "important" or "very important " thing to do.  While only 72% of women give it any priority. Just as well, because we all know what a treat it is to lay eyes on a well groomed, well dressed man, even more so when he has great skin!

So here are some tips you guys are bound to find useful:

A Good Shave

I’ve done some research regarding men's skin and shaving issues, and it seems that this area poses the biggest problem for you guys. Cuts and nicks seem to be the order of the day. Do the following to eliminate that issue from ruining your day again:

Just before beginning your shave, rinse your face with WARM water. The warmth from the water will soften your skin, thereby reducing the likelihood that you cut yourself. Another thing that will definitely help is using a shaving cream rather than foam from an aerosol packaging.

Also remember shaving will give good results only when done in the same direction of hair growth. Going the other way can lead to ingrown hairs, and gradually develop into bigger, more painful issues, which naturally I trust you want to avoid.

As for after-shave lotions, they are slathered on after, in order to close pores opened due to the shaving process. Lotions that include alcohol have tendency to burn, thereby irritating skin that’s just been shaved. I recommend going for an aftershave lotion that softens and calms the skin instead, and does not burn.

Be Well Manicured

I know that even in this day and age there are a ton of men who think they are too ‘manly’ to get a manicure done at a salon. But you shouldn’t let that attitude allow you to neglect your hands, because it’s easy to achieve a salon-style result by doing your own manicure in the privacy of your own home.

To start, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Wipe them dry with a towel. Now grab a nail file. Shaping nails require some level of skill, so it is unlikely you will get perfectly shaped nails the first time. But as we all know, practice makes perfect.  Slightly slide file at the tip of each nail going in the direction from side toward centre.  Be careful not to completely file away corners of nails, because that could lead to ingrown nails.

Then, use any suitable tool to scrub out everything that accumulated under nails due to filing. You could even use an old toothbrush. Just make sure it wasn't used for cleaning in the garage before... the brush needs to be cleaner than your fingernails Wink

To wrap it up use a good hand moisturizer.  Believe me when I say women do want you to have SOFT hands!

Tango - Mens Beauty Tips


Despite the fact that men’s skin is coarser and thicker than women’s, most skin care products regardless of whether they are intended for men or women are quite similar, except for the packaging, design, and fragrance.  But men’s skin ages way faster than women’s, so to keep that good lookin' face, start young.

First I recommend using a variety of gels, rather than the usual soaps which only remove grease and dirt. Go for cleaning products that contain exfoliating agents such as alpha-hydroxy acids, which are designed to remove dead skin and clean pores.

Once you have cleaned your skin, use moisturizers and lotions to return to it it’s lost moisture, thereby smoothening the skin and preventing wrinkles. Another simple way to keep skin hydrated - just drink plenty of water. And if you intend to spend the day under a scorching sun, you must use a moisturizer with sunscreen.

P.S. Oh, and yes, don’t forget to take the time to trim unsightly hair protruding from nostrils and ears Laughing


So let me know what you think guys. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Ekaterina Ulyanoff is a Montreal based Make-up Artist. Visit Ekaterina's website at: www.ekaterinaulyanoff.com

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