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A few days ago, I posed this question on Twitter: How do you tell the difference between being inspired and being a copycat? Now the oddest part was that most answers came in the form of DMs (direct messaging in Twitterspeak); clearly because it permitted the author to stay anonymous. And no, I will not disclose their names, so don't bother asking in confidentiality :). I love how we connect and trust our personal relationships, so write in, or comment, or DM, I guarantee you a response, with respect to anonymity if that's what you want.

Now back to the question...I got a feeling from the responses, that there truly is a lack of creativity out there. Or perhaps, many think that most folk lack the guts to strut their own minds. No wonder then, that the few who do make it big are the super talented (and lucky enough I might add, to have gotten timely breaks) authentic creative types. More than a few DM's implied, and I paraphrase, "If you camouflage/ hide the origin, then you can 'say' you're inspired, although you know deep down you're a copycat".

Evidently copying is easy and rampant, making us question the authenticity of 'fashionable' people we look up to.

According to few others: "when you take the idea and let it evolve with your personality and your creative instincts, you're inspired; but when you take the idea and just play 'repeat', you're copying", obviously. Lady Gaga has arguably been inspired by Madonna and made the vibe, her own, by adapting it to her personality.

Perhaps the challenge is to discover what's honestly 'yours', and if you think you have nothing yet, go out there, search, find, and adapt to make it 'yours'. Then be addicted to the incredible, powerful high that comes from being your own.

Many of you have already been down this path so do share your thoughts if you have anything to, on twitter/fb etc.

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