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Well things change every season, especially with fashion. We all know that. But as we inch closer to the turn of the decade, what can we pause and give thought to, about major changes over the past 10 years. The first thing that comes to mind is the way the ‘fashion’ has adapted to the social media revolution.

Every fashion house, designer, brand name and boutique is out there gathering twitter fans and facebook friends. They know better than their counterparts in other industries exactly where their customers are (you guessed right, virtually anywhere on the planet). And they recognize, that harnessing the power of the internet is only a natural progression towards staying connected and engaged with their ‘friends’.

We’ve come a long way since ancient e-mailing and visiting websites. There’s a whole new world out there. Not limited just to company websites and blogs anymore, but an array of  web 2.0 sites that engage and encourage and bring to an even playing field everyone interested in fashion. Designing, flaunting, styling, sharing opinions, sharing ideas, etc., all on the same platform. Here are some links (I've broken this down into points because each serves a different purpose) which you should check out if you haven't done already:

1) We have sites like and among a multitude of others, that allows one to explore, dream, be inspired, and share. Even tech search engine giant Google, had to get on the fashion engine with the recently launched

2) And check these for an all around view on the fashion world, updated so regularly, it’s hard to keep up: and Refinery29

3) Shopping for designer brands is now easier than ever with sites like and Net-a-Porter. Browse at leisure and snap up goodies at awesome prices.

4) Now don’t think your favourite magazine has disappeared (Vogue and Elle and LouLou and everyone else), they’re all on too, and you can browse their content on the world wide web. The only thing missing is the smell of magazine pages, hot off the press… soon probably, to be a thing of the past.

Of course to make your life even easier, there's no need anymore to find a monitor to park in front of. Grab your phone, your iPad or laptop, and get your fashion fix while on the go! So the time has come friends, to move forward again. Put on your party hats as we ring in 2011, technologically advanced in more ways than we could've imagined a mere ten years ago and embrace it with wide-open-eyes and web-surfing-speed to stay on the pulse of fashion through social media.

Has all this changed the way you shop for fashion? Does it 'up' your experience as a customer?

Is your company planning to be or already on the web 2.0 band wagon? Join in on the conversation!

To wrap up, here's a fun video on iPad fashion accessories by wired magazine :).

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She brings her love for fashion and the written word to her role as the editor of this online publication. Also, her fondness for connecting with people and her fashion biz savvy are invaluable to the buying team at the Exclusive from Montreal's Finest store.

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