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Now that brand new 2011 is here, and it is the perfect time for new beginnings, allow me to introduce you to names that you will soon come to know and love here in Montreal Fashion. Over the course of being editor here at the magazine, I have had the privilege of meeting the best fashion talent this city has to offer. Here are the top three I believe will make ripples in the industry, they're all up and coming and ready to take you by storm:


Cydney Mar By Cydney Mar

Cydney, originally from Vancouver, is a powerhouse of talent and business finesse - both rolled into one. She has not just her namesake label Cydney Mar, but also a sports line Inner Peace as well as loungewear branded Iamgeisha. Get ready to read up on our interview with Cydney and we'll also take you through a quick tour of her very creative and original studio located on Louvain in Montreal. By Michael Eardley

Michael is no stranger to us, he's been here before. What got my attention first and foremost (and has kept it thus far) is this young man's passion for fashion, not to mention heaps of talent. He will be one to watch, so be sure to read up on him because he steps out of his 'fashion bubble' only once so often. By Michael Eardley, is constantly inspired by music, architecture and the nightclub scene - all about "living life in the now and not letting the moments we have in this world pass us by''.

Retro Assassin By Ra Oun

Ra, originally from Saskatchewan, has adopted Montreal with love (he is newly engaged; congratulations Ra!) and has months of hard work, talent and dedication coming together in his line Retro Assassin. With a seriously fresh take on fashion "Ninjas, buddhas and various Asian elements emblaze each collection, creating the convergence of ancient culture and modern style" this brand is here to rock your world.


So there you have it folks, more details to follow soon.  Meanwhile I am keeping my eyes open for ya; fashion news, views and tidbits will find their way in my monthly reviews. Of course I'm always open to hearing what you have to say, so drop me a line, I'm easy to find :)

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She brings her love for fashion and the written word to her role as the editor of this online publication. Also, her fondness for connecting with people and her fashion biz savvy are invaluable to the buying team at the Exclusive from Montreal's Finest store.

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