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Earlier this year, I shared with you names of three Montreal fashion designers that I believe are on the threshold of the fame. Three names, that serve fashion with fervor, and Montreal is their home. First off, is Michael Eardley, you may remember him from the Rink To Ramp story. This 23-year-old fashion designer has set his sights where his dreams go, and they go far! Operating from a position of passion and creativity, he has bounded into the year with impressive new designs and with grand plans for his future as a designer.

Michael sees fashion in a way different from most designers; visualizing the person in the garment before it’s even fully conceived. Not just a flat sketch on a piece of paper, but more like already on someone in a club having the best night of her life. He sees and feels the piece first, before it’s even on paper, let alone in fabric; then breathes life into it. Visit the site for lots more insights into Michael’s creativity.


Michael did a fashion segment that aired on the Heather B show (Virgin Radio 95.9) for almost a year recently, dishing out advice and suggestions from classic style to the latest trend. He is in talks these days with a major US radio station, and we’re excited to see what comes off of it.  by Michael Eardley

Design-wise he is really thinking ahead, already working full force on Spring 2012. The collection will be available on the website for the normal buying season, and is one that he is very proud of so far.  He won’t tell us much, but does say the collection mixes edgy with flirty and sexy; and has solid colors mixed in with black. As for the website, it will be fully up and running in July 2011, and October 2011 will see the launch of the online store when every piece will be available for purchase.

He stays true to the best advice he’s ever gotten: “Find what you love doing, and never stop working at it”. And in Michael’s case, the awesome fashions that come out of his studio, clearly show that, that delivers success!

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