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Here it is folks, intro to the next Montreal based designer-destined-for-street cred. Ra Oun started off wanting to design a t-shirt line that was different from the very generic, same-old, boring t-shirt wardrobe we were slaves to. His desire to be original and his love for fashion has brought us the Retro Assassin label, one that stands out and brings the humble tee to new heights.

Ra says the label Retro Assassin is about being new, being fresh, eliminating or getting rid of what is out dated or aged style. The logo consists of a ninja with the letters RA (Retro Assassin); the Ninja represents the Assassin that is here to annihilate the relics of yesterday's trends! And more than anything else, he thinks Ninjas are just cool!

Retro Assassin 1

In Ra’s words, “the style is based in part on Buddhist philosophy, in part on Asian iconography and a renegade mentality to “restore the balance of the fashion landscape”. Ninjas, Buddhas, and various Asian elements emblaze each collection, creating the convergence of ancient culture and modern style”.

Retro Assassin 2

Ra says he because he believes that when it comes to fashion, there is no better city in Canada than Montreal… culture is diverse here, the people, the lifestyle, the cuisines, the fashion! He loves Montreal, and wants the world to know that this is where Retro Assassin was conceived.

Retro Assassin 3

Currently, some local stores like "Suteki", Blue Marine, and Aritmatik carry the Retro Assassin line and you can go online as well and shop direct:

Retro Assassin Ra Oun

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