ICRF: Living Proof at the Suco Lounge

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This past weekend at the always trendy Suco lounge in the Opus hotel, there was the open bar, a silent auction, a live performance by the talented beatbox-singer Jay Stone (totally rocked the house) of American Idol fame, and house music by DJ Tiguru. Most importantly though, the evening honoured two cancer survivors - Neil Rubin and Stephanie Weschler - both in their early 30's, whose stories are ones of courage, faith, and hope.

The 9th annual fundraising event entitled “Living Proof”, was organized by the Montreal chapter of the Israel Cancer Research Fund’s New Leadership Division , and sponsored by Stikeman Elliott and Air Canada.

If strength shows in numbers, then there it was… as supporters came to a full lounge, dressed to the nines, testimony to their hope that Cancer Research would be funded all the way to a victorious ending. Here are some pictures to show you what went down that evening. If you were there or know someone in the pics, do let them know, or feel free to contact us to be tagged or mentioned in the pics, here or on Facebook (more pics there).

Jay Stone

ICRF Friends and Supporters

Beautiful Duo - Valérie Blais with Catherine Rosa

Living Proof - The honourees of the event

Stephanie gave birth to her first child Marley on her own 32nd birthday. With her baby barely 2 days old, the young mother came face to face with the illness. Ovarian Cancer threatened her life. She made the choice to fight it, for family, self and the new life that she brought into the world. She shared her riveting story with us and made it so easy to see what a big difference donating to a worthy cause can make. Today, three years later, Stephanie is beautiful and healthy - a gorgeous Mum.

Stephanie Welcher

Neil Rubin

Neil was a young man in his 20’s when he faced a diagnosis of Testicular Cancer a decade ago.  With determination and help from from the benefits of research, Neil came through with a deep sense of gratitude for all the joys life has brought him since. Eleven years after his fight with a cancer that affects the reproductive organs, today he shares with his soulmate and wife Andy, two lovely children. A reminder to him and us, that Cancer can be beaten; we must play our role by donating generously to the cause.

Just under $100,000 was raised that evening, thanks to the generosity of ICRF supporters. We can now expect to hear more amazing stories like those of Stephanie and Neil.

All in all, it was awesome event, organized for such an awesome cause! Am I right, or am I right?

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