Fashion for the Everyday Princess by Cydney Mar

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Remember when I mentioned Cydney? Originally from Vancouver, she is a powerhouse of talent and business finesse - both rolled into one? Her Montreal born fashion brands are stoked for success, and as you continue reading you will see why. It's not just that I love promoting Montreal's fashion talent.

After taking a professional break last Summer, Cydney reflected on what makes her happiest, and realized that she was still in love with creating beautiful fashions in a Studio environment... That’s what led to the opening of the Cydney Mar Studio with a fully staffed team of creative designers, pattern makers, sample makers... where not only make beautiful fashions are created, but also where they are manufactured at great prices so they can be enjoyed by everyone.


Cydney Mar

Cydney is inspired by life and by all that surrounds her… the people, the beauty, the way our days are spent in this fast paced modern age. She loves making people feel great and that says that that starts with gorgeous feel-good fabrics. She adds

Cydney Mar at work

we are meant to be Everyday Princesses!... I am always encouraging all my girlfriends, to put that bit of lipstick on, to just take a moment to put an outfit together that makes them feel special. Don't save that dress, wear it! Enjoy it! For me it all starts early in the day when we get ourselves sorted before we go out the door, and I think we can all have a nicer, prettier day when we take a moment and honour ourselves by just making that bit of effort to put on a bit of lipstick, and a nice outfit. Whenever we do, somehow the day is much nicer!

I asked Cydney to share some highlights on her current projects and where she intends to take the Cydney Mar label in the future. Here's what she said:

We are sooo excited about our growth at Cydney Mar Studio - the Cydney Mar label, which is our contemporary ladies wear label, sold in stores all over North America, as well as we will be relaunching on TV fashion shows in London England, at QVC UK, during the "Get Gorgeous Event " November 18th & 19th 2011, and will be there in February and May 2012 as well.

Like me, I'm sure you'll love Cydney's oh-so creative tips on how to make the best of her creations. The purple shawl that changes into a draped top in a couple of seconds...

Join Cydney Mar

And of course at the Cydney Mar studio, they are always looking to meet talented people... because they're in the midst of planning this fabulous growth and that means they will definitely need even more talent! Send your CV (in strictest confidence!) to

They also encourage people to contact them in case they have special new fabrics, trims, concepts, and ideas... you never know what can become of a chance meeting.

Bhani Patel

Cydney Mar Studio


Keep tuned in to Cydney Mar folks!.Add Cydney on Facebook.

We know there's lots more coming from this talented Montreal fashion house.

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