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When social entrepreneurship and fashion come together right in my backyard, I'm always interested to learn more. Which why I was eager to meet with Ben Gruber, the CFO of a young company, with business savvy to drive social change. Montreal-based Moral Fibers, gives artists in Haiti the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty through a full-time job creating art for fashion. The company's mission in short: Sport a Moral Fibers shirt and wear the difference you want to see in the world!

moral fibers ladies tee

The founders elaborate:

Moral Fibers is not a non-profit, but it’s our company philosophy that the distinction between non-profit and for-profit doesn’t affect the amount of “good” a company can do. We represent the forefront of a new breed of ethical brand that doesn’t exploit its employees in the developing world, but rather works with them over the long-term to develop their skills and talents as artists. Moral Fibers does not give handouts, we give opportunities.

On the other side, the consumer knows exactly who they’re helping and exactly how they’re helping them. With the sale of just one line, the artist receives almost four times Haiti's national average salary; enough money for them to support their families and focus on creating art as a full time job.

An interesting concept with a product line to match. All clothing items are adapted directly from artworks painted by 15 artists living in Haiti. Haitian art comes alive in vibrant colours on most pieces. Several others carry poignant stories through sketches done by the artists. We also get brief glimpses of the artists, through their own words.

I am 16 years old. I don’t have a job, and I am still going to school (I am in third year of secondary school), although it is my passion to draw... - Alexis Jean Sylvio

When you click on the item you wish to buy, you learn all details not just on the content/size of the item, but also something about the artist behind it and exactly how much he/she will earn. Isn't it great to see something like this taking wings in Montreal? Hop on over to their site and let me know what you think.

Moral Fibers T-shirt

Moral Fibers: Wear One Today

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