iPad on the Runway

The lights dimmed center stage in at the Center for Performing Arts in San Francisco on Jan 27th, 2010. A hush fell over the crowd in anticipation of iconic Steve Jobs' keynote address. "We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary product" Apple CEO Steve Jobs proclaimed in front of a throng of people and IT luminaries. "Everybody uses a laptop and a smartphone. A question has arisen: Is there room for a third device between a laptop and a smartphone?" Jobs asked. "We've got something that is. It's called the iPad"With those few words, Apple announced to the world that the game has changed. The social media scene lit up with unheralded speed. Everyone had something to say, to blog, to tweet; some positive, some negative, but regardless of opinion the technological world was riveted.

I want to start off by admitting that I am not an Apple fan. I don't own an iPhone nor do I use a Mac. And to be honest, I am almost biased because of the fanatic following that Apple has developed with their products. That being said, I am a little surprised at my attitude towards the iPad. 
I believe that this new piece of technology WILL change the game. Tablets will certainly emerge as the next new thing, but the iPad will rule them all. And I think that the fashion industry will be able to leverage this tool to their benefit. From the runways of Paris to the distribution center floors, we are seeing the new clipboard. The ability to seamlessly flick through the latest photos or videos from the fashion shows such as this years' Mark Jacobs entire fall/winter 2010 collection live video stream or to enter product data with a simple touch will change our behavior and attitude towards the way we see and market information. The ability to access the Internet with its instant content delivery will only adapt further, and what doesn't change, well, we have an app for that.

iPad on runway

And a quick side note to those who pan it because it doesn't have a camera, do you actually think that the Apple design team, those inspirationally brilliant researchers who developed the IPhone, ITouch and Mac, are slapping themselves on the side of their collective heads going "damn, I knew I forgot to add something?" Get real people! These guys are like stealth bombers, you don't see them coming, and by the time product does hit the shelves you'll be sitting there with your foot in your mouth.

iPad 360

iPad reviewed by Allan Diamond of lifeceyecle.com

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