wtfjeans: i-gadget Compatible Denim Fashion

wtfJeans – Now THIS is a pair of jeans after my own heart! As both a denim manufacturer and techno-geek, the story behind this three month old concept is riveting. Using a classic blend of ingenuity, tech savvy and smart marketing wtfJeans is pushing all the right buttons.

This France based company have produced a limited run of only 1,000 pairs selling them at various price points, starting at the “beta” stage for the first 100 pairs shipping April 1st for €59 (which is currently sold out), 400 pairs of the “early bird” special now being marketed for €79 shipping August 1st , and the remaining 500 pairs at €109.

wtf jeans

They have designed these jeans for the geek at heart including a hidden Memory Stick and a microfiber lined iPhone pocket. They also are appealing to our fashion senses by claiming to add "extra protection for boys to protect the family jewels" to the " Sexyass™ " with pockets "positioned to make your ass stand out in a crowd".

wtfJeans with details

They have managed to blend social network marketing including Facebook , Twitter and Youtube with shrewd business strategies appealing to the early adopters with their limited edition release. Whether you're a fashionista with the latest gadgets or the geek whose fashion sense goes beyond the shirt pocket protector or holstered smartphone, these are the jeans for you.

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